Villa A

Yokosuka-City, Kanagawa, 2023

The villa—named for its location on Akiya Beach—commands a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean near the town of Hayama, the birthplace...


House in the Forest in Hayama

Hayama-Machi, Kanagawa, 2022

A GARDEN FOR LIFE AND A HOUSE FOR IDEAS In a seaside town where urbanization has progressed and small houses stand side by side, a san...



Omiya-City, Saitama, 2019

"Modern Design of Classic Elegance We believe that a luxurious home should be comfortable, functional, and moderate, with a bit of pla...


Villa in Ashinoko

Hakone-Machi, Kanagawa, 2016

SKY LIVING The site is located on a mountain ridge. In order to take advantage of the view from the ridge, we simply raised the roof b...


STAR Lounge

Kita-Ku, Tokyo, 2015

A SPACE OF "MITATE" This is a lounge in the office building of STAR, a self-built project completed in 2000 and modified 15 years late...

Aisaka Architects Atelier

House in Daita

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 2022

Court house with both light and views and independence of private rooms A house for a family of three parents and three children. To m...

Aisaka Architects Atelier

House in Sannou

Ota-ku, Tokyo, 2022

Unconstrained parent-child symbiosis through borrowed scenery and cross sections A three-storey wooden two-family house for a single m...

Aisaka Architects Atelier

Clinic in Honjo

Honjo-city, Saitama, 2022

Rotational renovation of private facilities for local medical and nursing care Renovation of a suburban general clinic. After investig...

Aisaka Architects Atelier

Building of Music

Tokyo, 2022

This commercial complex for a music company with a long history includes music classrooms, instrument sales and storage spaces, and the c...


Inage Ryoen

Chiba-City, Chiba, 2018

THE ONLY GRAVE-STYLE OSSUARY IN JAPAN As the birthrate declines and the population ages, people are leaving their hometowns and concen...


Spiral House

Kita-Ku, Tokyo, 2016

A RESIDENCE TO BE MATURED We renovated a home built in 2000 with the aim of perfecting it after 16 years of "maturing". The kitchen an...


MA Residence

Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 2014

RESIDENCE AS AN INTERNATIONAL GALLERY Located in Minami-Azabu, a district dotted with embassies and residences, this is a "home for in...


House of Tsuzuki-Ma

Sugminami, Tokyo, 2012

A COMFORTABLE JAPANESE HOME LIKE A FAMILIAR CLOTHES Japanese houses have always incorporated nature into the home. They have also been...

KURU Co., Ltd.


Yufu city, Ohita, 2023

This luxury resort is situated on a hillside just outside the picturesque hot-spring district of Yufuin, in Yufu City, Oita Prefecture. T...

Niko Design Studio

Atarashi's house

Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 2018

A house pretending to be a town. Although the site is located in a densely populated residential area, the town has a peaceful atmosph...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Kozakai Kifukan Community Center

Toyokawa City, 2021

This core community building in the Kozakai district of Toyokawa contains a community center, library, children’s center, and city hall b...

Niko Design Studio

Kimoto's House

Tokyo, 2020

It would be great to have a sunroom where we could grow plants and live while looking at them. These were Mr. Kimoto's first words at ...

Kodai and Associates

Kyo-Tango Hotel


Long-stay hotel in the culturally rich Kyoto Tango peninsula, surrounded by terraced rice fields, forests, and traditional thatch-roofed ...

kodai and associates


Fukuyama-city, 2017

Yuichi Kodai's work as an architecture director in SANDWICH Inc. | KOHTEI is an art pavilion built in Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens w...

no.555 / number fives architectural design office

KYN KNS / 学校法人 椎名夢学園



Niko Design Studio

Onimaru's House

Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 2022

This is a courtyard-style house with an independent atelier. The site is located between a commercial area and a low-rise residential...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Toranomon Hills Station Tower

Tokyo, 2023

Tokyo is a large city that has been cultivating areas with distinct characters. The experience of the city is diverse and dynamic, like a...

Jun Ishikawa Architect

Hako no Ouchi 19

Tokyo, 2022

This three-family house is located in a quiet residential area in Tokyo. The exterior of the house is characterized by a 22-meter long w...

Niko Design Studio

Michiyama's house

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, 2022

This house is a house with a store in a town close to the Muromi River in Fukuoka City. The site is almost triangular in shape, with a sh...

Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates

Renovation in Kitahama

Osaka, 2021

Full renovation of a room in a tower apartment. The plan is to make the limited private area as one room as much as possible. To synchron...

Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates

Renovation Residences in Maya

Hyogo Prefecture, 2020

Renovation of a 50-year-old house. A small detached house connected to the main house where the parents live was renovated for the childr...

Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates

Megamiyama Residence

Hyogo Prefecture, 2019

A project to reconstruct a dilapidated house. While retaining the front yard and approach to the site, the building is arranged over the ...

Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates

Tomigaoka Residence

Nara Prefecture, 2017

The plan of the house takes advantage of the difference in elevation between the site and the street to have each room skipped and connec...

Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates

UNICO bldg.

Hyogo, 2016

A complex building for a day service specializing in rehabilitation and a mental health clinic. The exterior walls are double-skinned wit...


Wall Art

Wall Art, a wallpaper brand that pursues beauty through art The colors woven by Polish artists resonate with the viewer's heart and stir...

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.


Kawasaki city, Kanagawa, 2021

Lighting plan for JR Kawasaki Tower office building: This facility consists of three buildings: a high-rise office building, a mid-rise h...

Teitakusubako / Naoki Hayasaka + Yuta Onoda

House in Kamakura

Kamakura, 2022

In praise of gable roof – As a style commonly used in many buildings, gable roof has been widely adopted in the history of architecture. ...

Jun Ishikawa Architect


Tokyo, 2022

The conditions were to create a minimalist design inside and out, to be able to park a slightly oversized 4-wheel drive vehicle in front ...

Hirotaka Sato Architectural Design Office

Atami Beachside Hotel

Atami City, Shizuoka, 2022

A newly built hotel overlooking Atami Sun Beach. Atami's fireworks festival is held right in front of you. In order to take advantage of ...

Hirotaka Sato Architectural Design Office

Net Worth Cafe

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 2018

The interior of the office in GINZA SIX. The biggest feature is that the entrance and conference space has been transformed into a café s...

Baum Style Architect

House in Tai

Tamano City, Okayama, 2019

For several years, we searched for land in search of a rich environment and arrived at this mountainous area. As for his request, it ...

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