Environmental Planning Studio

Shimanami Beach Park "Nagisa-no-Koban"

Hiroshima, 2021

[credits] architect : Ken Hashimoto / EPS co-architect : Chisato Kihara structural architect : Takeyuki Gaino / G. Design constructor : H...


Gyre Gallery

Tokio, 2019

GYRE GALLERY is located within the third floor of GYRE on Omotesando in Tokyo. The gallery showcases all kinds of artist works that mirr...

Hugo Kohno Architect Associates


Tokyo, 2016

Composite Beams Made of Laminated Lumber and Steel Trusses Support This House Located on a lot with a narrow frontage, this building ho...

Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier


Hokkaido, 2016

This is "GENTEM STICK Showroom & Gallery" which was completed in Niseko area. Here, people are gathering from all over the world in s...



京都市東山区, 2017

京都の清水寺周辺は音羽の滝に象徴されるように四神の青龍が宿る水の聖地である。 その清き水の地に清水焼が江戸時代より今日まで発展し、清水寺の門前には近藤悠三記念館が設立されている。本プロジェクトはその記念館のリニューアルである。 今回、リニューアルに際して磁器染付の人間国宝...

クライン ダイサム アーキテクツ


Chiba, 2015

世界一ユニークで忘れられないトイレ体験で世界の人をもてなそう。 トイレという最もプライベートな空間のパブリックな空間における新しいあり方を大胆なアプローチで提案した。 ガラスで囲まれた開放的な空間に特徴的な平面形状の白いブースが彫刻のように林立しするニュートラルなアート...



群馬, 2005




東京, 2006


1100 Architect

Naha City Gallery and Apartment House

Naha Fukotoshin, 2003

The Naha City Gallery and Apartment House includes a gallery, retail space, three full-floor apartments, and a subterranean parking garag...



東京, 2013

東京都中央区銀座1丁目に位置する現代アートの画廊の計画。 銀座の街角に建つ画廊として次の3つを課題として設定した。 1.平面・立体・大小さまざまな作品の展示に対応する ...

Tadashi Saito + atelier NAVE

Joge Museum of History and Culture

Hiroshima, 2004

The History and Culture Center of Jyoge Town occupies an historical building which has seen many uses during its hundred years of existen...

Tadashi Saito + atelier NAVE


Kagawa, 2009

This building is our new office. We tried several things on this project. ・Structure → route 1-1 (Free brittleness structure) ・Experim...

Miurashin Architect+Associates

Okada Museum of Art

Hakone, Kanagawa, 2013

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)


Shiga, 1997

Lighting design for a new museum in collaboration with FMS New York. A beautifully executed architectural work and has rec...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

Sagawa Art Museum

Shiga, 1998

Lighting design for a new museum. This beautiful museum houses two great existing Japanese artists, Ikuo Hirayama and Chur...



北海道, 2005


Kengo Kuma & Associates

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

Tokyo, 2012

In the corner premise of just 326㎡ across Kaminari-mon Gate, the building was required to accommodate plural programs such as tourist inf...

WAI Architecture Think Tank

Vertical Omotesando


Omotesando Street is recognized nowadays as a powerhouse in the world of fashion. Its particular urban fabric is famous for its conglomer...

MLS / Mitani Landscape Studio


愛知, 1995

MLS / Mitani Landscape Studio


石川, 2011


“Mirror to Mirage” - Omotesando Street Fashion…

Tokyo, 2010

Fashion, quite often is about the tension between showing and hiding. Tokyo is a city full of encounters and events. We are interested in...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum

Kochi, 2010

We adopted a unique cantilever bridge design for this structure, a traditional technique that has been forgotten in Japan. The structure ...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Prostho Museum Research Center

Aichi, 2010

Design of this structure consisted of taking on the challenge of creating a medium scale wood structure built by combining small sections...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Shimonoseki-shi Kawatana Onsen Koryu Center

Yamaguchi, 2009

This organic building is located on a site surrounded by mountains, and has a shape like that of a mountain in order to achieve harmony b...

Keisuke Maeda / UID

Holocaust Education Center

Hiroshima, 2007

西田司/ オンデザインパートナーズ


神奈川, 2009

担当: 西田司+中川エリカ ヨコハマアパートメントは、若いアーティストに、展示と作業、居住の場所を提供する4戸の集合住宅として計画され、現在はアーティストではない若者も居住しています。 敷地は、道が狭くて高低差があり、小さな木造住宅が密...

Shigeru Ban Architects

Nomadic Museum

Tokyo/LA/NY, 2005

The voyage of the Nomadic Museum began in New York in 2005, and later traveled to Santa Monica near Los Angeles in 2006. The site in Sant...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Suntory Museum of Art

Tokyo, 2007

This entire building is covered with vertical louvers made of white ceramic panels. We chose this material based on the image of earthenw...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Nezu Museum

Tokyo, 2009

For this renewal of a historic museum in Tokyo, we attempted to conceive of the museum as an urban design rather than just an individual ...

H2O Design Associates

Idemitsu Museum of Arts

Tokyo, 2007

Opened in 1966 as a museum open to the public, the Idemitsu Museum of Arts has a long and respected history in Japan. It houses the art c...

Hugo Kohno Architect Associates

TokyoMatsuya Unity

Tokyo, 2007

Shigeru Ban Architects

Paper Art Museum

Shizuoka, 2002

PAM A is the private museum of a paper manufacturer. All facades are composed of Fiberglass Reinforced Panels. The square floor pla...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

Nagasaki, 2005

This museum is located in Nagasaki, the only port that remained open to international trade throughout the Edo period, when Japan was clo...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Chokkura Plaza

Tochigi, 2006

A project to create a new station plaza that would play a leading role in the community activities, centered round an old storehouse, an ...

Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier

Gallery monma annex

Hokkaido, 2002

Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop

Yokosuka Museum of Art


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