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Lillehammer Art Museum and Lillehammer Cinema Expansion

Architect Show


佐賀県, 2019

Architect Show


福岡県, 2019

Architect Show

shopping mall 「筑後VILLAGE by BFU」

福岡県, 2017

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Kabuki-cho 1-chome Plan

Tokyo, 2022

2022年に完成予定の東急ミラノ座の外装デザインにより新宿におけるエンタ ーテインメントとしての活気を呼び戻し海外のお客様にも楽しんでもらえる魅力的な場所の設計が求められた。 イメージコンセプトは『噴水』。歌舞伎町の根底に流れる水のエネルギーがこ の地に再び湧き出し、その...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

EXPO 2020 Dubai Japan Pavilion


Façade design combining traditional Arabesque and Asanoha patterns. Representing long history of connections and crossing of culture bet...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

VOGUE Wedding Salon

Tokyo, 2019

ファッション誌「VOGUE」が世界で初めてプロデュースするウェディングドレスサロンの計画である。結婚式で身に纏う特別なドレスとの出会いのための神聖な空間を目指した。  1階エントランスから足を踏み入れると、まずドレスショールームが現れる。伝統的な教会に見られる半円状の空...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

tonarie Yamato Takada

Nara, 2018

The project initiated when Mr. Okajima of Space, Co., Ltd., the producer of the entire project, asked us to propose what a “new shopping ...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Nishiazabu House

Tokyo, 2017

Nishiazabu House is owned by the husband and wife in their 60s and is located along a narrow path in a quiet residential area. Just as ot...

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design


Tokyo, 2018

E-2 is a project of two-story duplex apartment with open roof garden. The owner of E-2 is the same as “A-1” which was completed in 2016 i...

Coelacanth K&H Architects

Rakuyo General High School

Kyoto, 2015

This project is rebuilding plan of a private high school in a narrow site in Kyoto city. It had been constructed four stages in turn for...

Coelacanth K&H Architects

Haranishi nursery school

Fukuoka, 2015

This is a rebuilding project of a nursery school in a residential area of ​​Fukuoka city. Because it is a deformed and narrow site, it be...

Design Network Associates | DNA


山口県下関市, 2018

The Learning Station CROSSLIGHTは、2020年に完成予定のセントラルパークを含めた全体計画の中で、第一期計画として完成した新校舎である。The Learning Station CROSSLIGHTは、既存校舎の直行グリッドに対し、45度回転さ...

Aisaka Architects Atelier


茨城, 2020


Aisaka Architects Atelier


福島, 2019


Yo Yamagata Architects



Tai and Associates

House I in Chigasaki

Kanagawa, 2018


Takeru Shoji Architects



The site is in Akiba town, Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture, in a neighborhood with a nursery, elementary and junior high school. The nei...

NAOI architecture & design office

House in Tsukuba

Ibaraki, 2019

NAOI architecture & design office

Hotel CEN

TOKYO, 2019

This hotel and café is located in the Shin Okubo district of Tokyo, a lively, bustling urban neighborhood adjacent to the popular foreig...

aat + makoto yokomizo architects

Kamaishi Civic Hall TETTO

Iwate, 2017

We designed this civic hall to replace the one that was destroyed in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, which devastated the coastal...


Kamiuma House

Tokyo, 2017

condominium Creating “modulated connections” Located in a dense residential district in Tokyo, this property is distinguished by its t...



Tokyo, 2014

People or things often generate new things based on the undulations created by spontaneity. It is like the unexpected flutter of a long ...


Sarugakucho House

Tokyo, 2005

Structure: Steel Frame Scale: 47.56㎡(Site) 32.34㎡(Building Area) 78.30㎡(Total Floor) Floor Area: 2 Stories+1Basement


Why Juice?

Tokyo, 2014

juice shop Purpose: Cold Pressed Juice Shop Site: Daikanyama Shibuya-ku Tokyo Scale: 18㎡


Tsukiji Building

Tokyo, 2004

Structure: RC+Steel Frame Scale: 70.96㎡(Site)174.05㎡(Existing Area)53.63㎡(Extension Area) Floor Area: 3 Stories+1

Belmont Freeman Architects

Music Building, Ogaki Women's College

Ogaki, 2004

A 23,000 sf new building for the music department at Ogaki Women’s College in Gifu Prefecture, Japan; this was Belmont Freeman Architects...


Shinjuku Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, 2021

Shinjuku Gardens is an urban intervention, which aims to create a ground for nature to co-exist within the dense city context. Alternativ...

Waro Kishi + K.Associates

KUAD, headquarters bldg.

Kyoto, 2019

KUAD*, formally known as Kyoto College of Art, was founded in 1977. The old “Boutenkan”** was the original headquarters in the main camp...

Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

Terrace in the Town

Kanagawa, 2019

A house as a small city. The site is located on the mountain side of Hayama where we can enjoy the lush nature and the warmth of the cal...

Yo Yamagata Architects


Chiba, 2019

Takeru Shoji Architects

hara house


Hara house is located in the agricultural village of Tsurugasone, formerly known as Nakanoshima, in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture. Th...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.


Hyogo, 2019

猪名川霊園内のために設計された外部用ベンチ。 素材として車のバンパーやペットボトルのキャップなどの廃プラスチックを利用した再生プラスチック製のパネル、「エコマパネル」を使用した。座面は中心に向かって勾配を付けることで座面の雨水を中心から地面へと流すようにすると同時に、その勾...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)



─Lighting design for dreamy time that can only be enjoyed in Naoshima─

Yuji Tanabe Architects

Organic Box

Shizuoka, 2019

Organic Box is an organic cafe facing the Atami Ginza shopping street that leads to the sea in Atami City, Shizuoka, Japan. The town of A...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Tokyo, 2017

This home is located in the old town area of eastern Tokyo, where the atmosphere of an industrial district still lingers. The client, ...

1moku co.


Osaka, 2017

Located in front of the Osaka Castle Park Station, JO-TERRACE OSAKA is a gateway space to enter the urban oasis and historic site Osaka C...

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