Featured Project

Barozzi / Veiga

Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Chiba, 2017

Located in a new residential development in Chiba prefecture, this house sits on a lot surrounded by roads on three sides. The clients re...

CUBO Design Architect


Kamakura city, 2018

Surrounded by aged trees, this is a planning in Kamakura-like forest. This house, where trees and flowers approach, should be designed wi...

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.

Chuson-ji Autumn Leaves Galaxy

Iwate, 2018

CUBO Design Architect


Oiso, Kanagawa, 2015

Overlooking the Sagami Bay to the east and Mt. Fuji in the point of forest to the west, this house "MaOL" is located at the best view poi...

CUBO Design Architect

Kato kohki

Hiratsuka city, 2018

This is a project of remodeling a part of machine tool factory to their showroom. 6M×6M presentation space displays main machine to expla...

CUBO Design Architect


Kanagawa, 2018

Edotoku is an eel restaurant with a long history, since1887. This project is to make their new restaurant with contemporary design. We ex...

NAOI architecture & design office

Vintage House

Tokyo, 2018

An urban style house built in an ally-like site. The 3m-high ceiling offers a spacious LDK space, even though the site area has a limited...

NAOI architecture & design office

Primitive House

Tokyo, 2018

This is a house with a music studio in the basement, built in a quiet residential area. Taking advantage of the large site, by providing ...

NAOI architecture & design office

House in Moriya

Ibaraki, 2018

This house was built due to the desire of our client having an environmental change from living in an apartment in Tokyo to suburban life...

CUBO Design Architect


Nishiyashiro city, Yamanashi, 2018

This is a planning in a relaxing place facing magnificent mountains in the city of Kofu. The site is divided into two, one of them is for...

CUBO Design Architect


Matsumoto City, Nagano, 2017

This is Saruta’s family house, facing the ridgelines of the beautiful mountains and Matsumoto Castle and Matsumotodaira below the site. W...

Keisuke Maeda / UID

machi × apartment

Hiroshima, 2017

Renovation project. principal use : house structure: RC structure site area : 467.42sqm total floor area :.212.28sqm building site : Hi...

Architect Show


福岡県, 2004

Architect Show


福岡県, 2003

Architect Show


福岡県, 1997

Architect Show

Aotopia TAIYO「曲面の建築」

佐賀県, 1997

Architect Show


福岡県, 1993


House in Kichijoji (renovation project)

Tokyo, 2017


House in Ogikubo

Tokyo, 2016

CUBO Design Architect


Odawara City, Kanagawa, 2015

Located in a terraced residential district, the lot for this project was half flat and half sloping. Nearby is Odawara Castle, built in t...

Hiroshi Shoji Architect & Associates, LLC

House in Shimizu

Shizuoka, 2018


t.teshima architect & associates

House In Katsuta

茨城, 2016


t.teshima architect & associates


愛媛, 2016

t.teshima architect & associates

House In Mure

東京, 2016


t.teshima architect & associates

House In Fujimakichou



CUBO Design Architect


Suzuka City, Mie, 2017

This project is located in Suzuka city, well known for the most famous F-1 circuit in Japan. Therefore, the client is a big fan of a car,...

Osamu Nishida / ondesign partners


Kanagawa, 2017

Osamu Nishida / ondesign partners

Observation and Experiment

東京都, 2017

Tetsuo Kobori Architects

ROKI Global Innovation Center

Shizuoka, 2013

ROGIC (ROKI Global Innovation Center) is a research and development facility focusing on products from ROKI, a company located in Hamamat...

CUBO Design Architect


Mitaka City, Tokyo, 2016

Cocoon, designed for jewelry designer, is located at tricky pentagon’s shape of site. Because this site is in residential area, we need t...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

OVOL Nihonbashi Building

Nihonbashimuromachi, 2018

-To Inherit tradition and identity of City’s Culture by Façade Light Up- The client named the building, OVOL Nihonbashi Building (design...

NAOI architecture & design office

House in Yutenji

Tokyo, 2017

The site is located in the middle of a densely built-up area. By using a partition and different height ceiling, the LDK on the 2nd floor...

NAOI architecture & design office

House in Misato

Saitama, 2017

Total floor area 180.95m2 Structure Timber

NAOI architecture & design office

Secret Garden House

Chiba, 2017

Total floor area 232.53m2 Structure Timber + Steel

AIR Architects Studio

house in Sakaimachi

Ibaraki, 2017

Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

Vision Park

Hyogo, 2018

A Day Out at a Hospital. Vision Park is located in the entrance of the Kobe Eye Center which conducts medical examinations, clinical res...

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