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Cafe Lounge Omotesando montoak

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Interior Design
Kata Inc.

[design concept]
The place was formerly a famous hip hangout. And we wanted to continue this artistic ambience.
In the daytime the dark glazed façade reflexes the passes-by and the elm trees that lines Omotesando, while highlighting the interior as the sun sets. Though each of 4 floors has its own design theme, they all linked by the use of skylights and open spaces. Often in Japan, the architect and the interior designer are brought in different times during the project and this can create conceptional misunderstanding. In this regard, the café was lucky having the architect, the interior designer and the construction company working together to realize a good design.

architect: Ken Hashimoto/EPS
interior designer: Ichiro Katami/Kata Inc.
structural architect: Takeyuki Gaino/G. Design
constructor: Sanpei Reform Co., Ltd.

location: Tokyo, Japan
project: December 2001
completion: November 2002
land use: commercial district
building use: cafe
structure: steel structure
site area: 134.99㎡
building area: 123.16㎡
net floor area: 220.95㎡
building coverage: 91.24% to 100%
ratio of building volume to lot: 163.67% to 500%
number of stories: 2

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