JR Yokohama Tower

Kanagawa, 2020

This commercial complex is connected directly to a train station. “Sails” and “ships” embody its architectural concept, and this concept ...

Chuson-ji Autumn Leaves Galaxy

Iwate, 2019

The exterior lighting of Chuson-ji Temple was designed according to the autumn leaves season. As a result, a space where elegance and tra...

JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower

Tokyo, 2016

This is an office tower with the architectural design concept of water scenery in harmony with nature. With the station directly connecte...

Fukuroda Falls

Ibaraki, 2015

Byodoin Phoenix Hall

Kyoto, 2014

Phoenix Hall was erected in 1053, and recently finished the large scale repair of Heisei-era from 2012 to 2014. This repair covered th...

Koyasan Tokyobetsuin

Tokyo, 2010


Gunma, 2007