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Minamaki Minna no Hiroba (Station Plaza)

Lighting Design
Kazuhiro Nagashima, Yumiko Nagashima

STGK designed a plaza in front of the Minami-Makigahara station, which is a part of the redevelopment of the station front. In this area, there is approximately four-meter level difference between the station and the residential area, which used to divide this area into two parts by steep steps and slopes.

We proposed a gentle slope between the station and the residential area. Also along this slope, we made terraced spaces, which are inspired by terraced rice fields, in order to make a consistence landscape as a whole design though the station and the residential area. Now, this whole terraced space provides various activities such as resting, walking and holding events by local people and visitors.
Lots of existing tall trees were left, which have been planted since the station was built. Those trees provide shades for people to rest.

There was a problem that it was hard to recognize where the station was. In order to solve this problem, we architects added signature lighting pole and signage systems around the station, to make existence of the plaza distinct and obvious.
This plaza is created not only by the designers, but also children from the surrounding neighborhood.

In the design process, we held a workshop intended for children to find and introduce local scenic spots and their favorite places. In the workshop, they created illustrations and introductions to introduce on the tile paving. Those characters and patterns on the tile paving show appealing points of the local neighborhood for visitors.
We intended to design this plaza with the local neighborhood because we believe this design process makes this plaza more attractive and attached to the local neighborhood.

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