-Nagisa-no-Koban- SEA BRIDGE

facade towards Shimanami beach
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facade night view
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view from the pontoon
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cafe counter
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bow-shaped counter
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shared office area
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picture window
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sub entrance with washi art by Sakuho Ito
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Children's book library with washi art by Sakuho Ito
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special lighting through the water by Feel Lab
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detail of multi colored wood flooring
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detail of louver ceiling
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detail of pendant lamp by Feel Lab
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Environmental Planning Studio

[design concept]
Creating a new focus of interest in the Shimanami Region

This is an attempt to bring an up-to-date look to the local beach which has often been bypassed by tourists.
The Innoshima island of Onomichi-city, Hiroshima, was historically one of the key junctions of the Shimanami Kaido (formerly a famous sea route of the Inland Sea, but now recognized as one of the premier cycling routes in the world) and prospered with its own unique culture and industries. But the island has slowly been losing its appeal to tourists. This facility is one of the projects called Nagisa-no-Koban (Sea Patrol Stations) undertaken by the Nippon Foundation across Japan. The client himself requested us to create a gathering place to revitalize the appeal of his native island.

The simple cube-shaped building set at the corner of a local park blends in with the beautiful beach. The building is completely clad in black slate, including the roof, except for the dark glazed front which is surrounded by a stylized angled timber architrave. The undivided 19mx15m interior space is going to be used as a lounge, a serviced office, a children’s book library and a café. The façade windows are designed to frame the seasonal views of the beach of the Inland Sea. The outdoor terrace will work as a viewing deck to watch ships coming and going.
We hope this venue will become a tourist site on Innoshima offering a place for visitors to enjoy the tranquil beauty of this remote island.

architect: Ken Hashimoto/EPS
co-architect: Chisato Kihara
co-designer: Miki Takayama
structural architect: Takeyuki Gaino/G. Design
constructor: Hottagumi Co.,Ltd.
special lighting: Yasuhito Genma/Feel Lab
washi artist: Sakuho Ito
furniture: Wakaba Kagu

location: Hiroshima, Japan
project: 2019
completion: June 2021
building use: serviced office/lounge, cafe
structure: wooden construction
site area : 1205.96㎡
building area : 326.43㎡
net floor area : 319.24㎡
building coverage : 27.07% to 70%
ratio of building volume to lot : 26.48% to 400%
number of stories : 1


  • Projektwettbewerb Campus Motel NTB
    FELIX PARTNER Architektur und Design
  • Volksschule Maria Grün
    BERKTOLD WEBER Architekten
  • Stereokitchen
    Paul Kaloustian Architect
  • Cyprus New Museum
    Paul Kaloustian Architect
  • Bürobegrünung ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling, Zürich


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