照片 © Hiroshi Ueda
照片 © Hiroshi Ueda
照片 © Hiroshi Ueda
照片 © Hiroshi Ueda
照片 © Hiroshi Ueda
照片 © Hiroshi Ueda
照片 © Hiroshi Ueda
照片 © Yasuno Sakata
照片 © Yasuno Sakata



This is a unique project with an elevation gap of 14 meters, and an inclination of 70 degrees at maximum.


Residents will be in total awe of the phenomenal view of the horizon.


The design of the structures was drafted with the image of several floating wooden boxes hanging from zelkova and maple trees, which immediately captures our attention upon entering the premises.


The cantilevers of 4meters by 14 meters are supported by RC slabs and thin steel frames as the branches that support the wooden box.


As half of a story – legally considered a basement- is underground, the openings allow sunlight to enter and softly illuminate the room. This emphasizes the contrast and graduation of light and shadows.


This residence appeals strongly to the eyes and truly embraces the concept of nature and natural light throughout the building.


This project can be considered the perfect combination of Civil Engineering and Architectural Development.

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