SAKO Architects is a renowned architectural design firm led by Keiichiro SAKO, established in 2004 as the pioneering architectural design firm by a Japanese architect in China. With an exceptional track record of over 160 projects across five countries, primarily in China and Japan, we pride ourselves on being a diverse and transformative design company.

Our projects are unique and vary from private residences, apartment complexes, stores, commercial facilities, office buildings, elderly facilities, kindergarten, schools, libraries, and more. Our designs are exotic as we cater to the requirements and needs of each project, making them remarkable and one-of-a-kind.

We provide seamless design services that encompass a broad range of scales, from graphics to signage, furniture, interiors, architecture, large-scale development, and urban planning. Our designs are an epitome of innovative, sustainable, and aesthetic functionality in creating environments that align with our clients' visions.

"Give shape to your dreams"

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Beijing, China
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