東京, 2010


Maniera Architect & Associates

House with a Little Stream

Osaka, 2010

Near Asuka Taishi-cho called “Near Asuka”or“valley in a king mausoleum”is the treasure house of history where it's eminent even in Osaka....

Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects

White Blue Black

Tokyo, 1997

This house is located in a high-density area in Tokyo. A key design consideration was the client's large book collection. In planning th...

Akira Sakamoto Architect & Associates

Hakuei Residence

Osaka, 1996

Photos: Yoshiharu MatsumuraMore Deta...

AIR Architects Studio

House in Oamishirasatomachi

Chiba, 2006

UZU architects


Osaka, 2000

Environmental Planning Studio

K Residence

Hyogo, 2000

[design concept] The house was designed as a feasibility study of cross generation family living. Japan is an aging society and the issue...

APOLLO / 黒崎敏


東京, 2009

 敷地は僅か9坪の下町の商業地。1階を店舗とし上階をオーナー住宅とした。外観は角地の特性を生かし、コンクリートとガラスを市松模様に配し、界隈のモニュメントとなることを意識。  内部には開口部からの景色と、様々な方角から注ぎ込む光により充満された空間が生まれた。...

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