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FLAT II planned to build an office of housing of young married couple and child, and the office where one carries on a client at a house separate from the main building. The site is located,it's takes 30minutes from Himeji-city by car and one corner of the calm landscape over which a rice paddy spreads from the old days.
A planned plan was the housing which opens in difficult outside at a city using wide site and ambient surroundings while receiving like wooden boat which floats on a wave of an ear of rice.. and a such image like Big tree which has spreading roots in the earth from a site. A room of the rectangular box divided according to the use is lined, making a margin, and the line of flow is settled by a wall, and the simple composition which takes a big roof on is carried. That invented an expanse to horizontal direction, brought person's heart close to the earth, came near and made them feel grandness of the earth.
I have the lead of ups and downs in the person's line of flow by stealing more front doors where I arrive via long approach from entourage highly and invent the sense of security which returns to the place where I relax to the earth by taking the act to which I say "I'm getting off." to each room. The condition, the deck, the garden and the courtyard which made each room have the different directivity respectively are long, fence, a mixture of its eyes is being adjusted by linking it, making an expanse last.
It was to make some degree distance a taken house separate from the main building, making the office and the housing the design of the one, and I made a distinction, and it was connected by approach in order even to feel this sense of distance as a level expanse.
A branch office makes something unnecessary entirely, and a window of the high side which cuts a mountain ridge in a mountain off and the tectonic window which informs of the sign of only a little's person aren't crowded, and bring me the size and privacy.

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