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K Project

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Introduced in the book “Young Asian Architects”: daab, 2006

[design concept]
The site was situated near a line of elm trees. Even with limited budget, we felt we wanted to take advantage of the natural surroundings and allow an interplay of light and shadow, wind and leafy greenery. We aimed to allow different views of the changing seasons. The building’s façade was covered with wooden louvers matching the color of the three kinds of concrete panels. Floor to ceiling windows increased the sense of space, while the overall minimalist design achieved a subdued modernist and sensual feel.

architect: Ken Hashimoto/EPS
structural architect: Ihara Masayuki/Ihara Structural Engineers
engineer: Nobuo Sato/M・E・C & Shuichi Segawa/Sega Planning

location: Tokyo, Japan
project: August 2004
completion: June 2005
land use: low-rise exclusive residential district of 1st kind, mid to high-rise exclusive residential district of 2nd kind
building use: dormitory, shop
structure: steel structure
site area: 590.15㎡
building area: 202.68㎡
net floor area: 491.41㎡
building coverage: 34.34% to 61.96%
ratio of building volume to lot: 83.26% to 173.20%
number of stories: 3

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