Novo Nordisk Corporate Center

Bagsværd, Denmark
Henning Larsen

Novo Nordisk is a worldwide organization with offices in more than 77 countries. The global headquarters in Denmark is designed as an open gesture to colleagues around the world.
Novo Nordisk is synonymous with global leadership and innovation within the treatment of diabetes. The new Corporate Center is designed in a circular shape, which gives employees and management the feeling of being connected to their surroundings. A spiral staircase winds through the building, from the foyer at ground level to the executive offices at the top floor. A spectacular skylight allows views to the sky and casts natural daylight into the entire atrium space. Our choice of sustainable materials, mainly from Scandinavia, contributes to a healthy indoor climate and work environment. Located in a green park in the heart of the Novo Campus, the headquarters provides a distinctive, sustainable setting for the daily work of staff and management.


  • Wohnüberbauung Martinshöhe, Studienauftrag
    TGS Architekten
  • ブリーズ、家具デザインプロジェクト
    株式会社 村松デザイン事務所
  • Offices Dolingadreef
    Bekkering Adams Architecten
  • Büro «GISquadrat»
    Franz Berzl
  • Pensionskasse Hoechst
    GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG Architekten


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