Mehrangarh Museum Shop

Jodhpur, インド
写真 © Studio Lotus
写真 © Studio Lotus
写真 © Studio Lotus
写真 © Studio Lotus
写真 © Studio Lotus
写真 © Studio Lotus
写真 © Studio Lotus
Studio Lotus
Jodhpur, インド

This project involved a renovation and reinterpretation of an area inside the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur that had been functioning as a shop for Heritage products and memorabilia from the region. 


During preliminary research of the space, it was discovered that under several coats of lime wash on the walls and the colonnade of arches that connected the space, existed exquisite stone texture and carvings which had been covered up by the layers of paint done over the years. On investigating the floor it was discovered that a new cement floor had been laid a decade ago. Preliminary research by breaking through a layer of the new floor revealed centuries old stone flooring. 


The primary display area being used was divided by a wall that had been constructed at a late date. On advice of the conservation architect this was removed to reveal the magical rhythm of the colonnade of arches that tie the space together. The floor and the walls were stripped bare to show the quality of the original stone work and inject the experience of walking through the store akin to walking through a "historical relic". Next in line were the fixtures and the display system. Budgets were low and one of the immediate decisions was to use local artisans and vendors to create the entire system of display and lighting. A minimal and extremely simple modular display system was developed using the locally available material. 


Special pressure clamps were developed for Post card & book display around the existing stone columns that hold the entire display in place without any structural elements damaging the old structure. All design was done keeping in mind that not a single hole is drilled in the walls or the ceiling. All light fixtures were mounted on expanding pressure rods with rubber mounting on either side that stayed in place using pressure. Lighting was a combination of accent lighting accentuating the architecture and product lighting-all lamps being energy saving fixtures-keeping in mind the power shortage in the area.


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