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SYU Garden

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 A garden that brings together individual people, individual time, individual shapes and colors: this is the idea behind the garden of "KOBO-SYU,” a workshop for people with disabilities.

 The plan of this garden started with the buildings and premises likened to a human, and imagining a living garden full of life. There was only a single drawing and a single sketch, but the plan formed itself inevitably by the user's daily actions; a wall for people who want to stay outside to paint, seats for people enjoying the scenery of the paddy field every day, and a bench to wait for a pick up. The garden grew livelier as we spent time together.
Upon promoting a project, it is natural to create a beautiful surface, but paying attention to the shadowed places is equally important. Therefore, the first thing we worked on was to establish the drainage and soil retaining at the back, pruning branches and letting light and wind through. The purpose was to allow people to go around the building on a wheelchair to see the picture drawn on the wall and floor. We believe that being concerned about the concealed places or every detail would echo the receptiveness of the facility.
 The wall was painted colorfully with the image of scarfs woven in the repeated workshops in the studio. The concrete floors of the parking space and terrace were designed utilizing creative drawings by the facility users. As for the planting, we planted a box elder as the main tree, and the crimson bottlebrush at the entrance resembling the image of a mouth. A mix of pastel colors, vivid hues, the colors of the materials, and the colors of plants – the complex harmony of different colors and shapes feels just like the atmosphere in this facility.

In this seemingly unfinished garden, a new life is added to the blank spaces on the wall while everyday life leaves its pattern. The robust vitality grows with a sense of unity, even involving the energy of visitors.

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