818 Garden

Manila, Philippines
Foto © N-tree
Foto © N-tree
Foto © N-tree
Foto © N-tree
Foto © N-tree
Architetti Paesaggisti
Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree
Manila, Philippines

This is a project in Manila in the Philippines, a country consisting of some 7,000 islands. A hot climate was expected, but it took us a while to understand various hotness in the country of everlasting summer. Plants must flexibly adapt to the environment as well. Deciduous trees have luxuriant foliage just like evergreen trees, while wondering when to drop leaves. Flowers bloom little by little throughout the year, and they may not have a particular blooming season. Although it might be a little bit exaggerated, as they obviously depend on tree species, we thought that this garden could not be designed unless we eliminated our idea of the four seasons. No one has a winter coat in the country of everlasting summer and a rainy season.

 The clients, having contrasting tastes, were owners of a contemporary art gallery: one prefers mountains, trees, and organic objects, and the other prefers oceans, water, and minimalism. The concrete structure building with large openings was designed while taking into account a sense of unity with the garden. A 17m swimming pool in the garden, which was predetermined at the design phase, was at the center of the design.

 The curvy stone approach path stretching towards the pool was paved with coarse stones, constituting a landscape. The main stonescape facing a sofa is not only for admiring, but also for sitting. When having a party, wineglasses are placed on the stone, and people casually sit on the stone. It appears to us that people, objects, garden, and everything will be connected in such occasions.

An appeal of this garden is collaboration of tropical plants and Japanese stonework. The square building, massive water in the pool, bumpy stones, and shapes of rapid-growing trees in abundant sunshine and rain violently crash each other. We will be glad if a dignified atmosphere is brought from Japan to this vigorous Philippines.

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