Space above Cloud

© Michael Freeman
© Michael Freeman
© Michael Freeman
© Michael Freeman
© Michael Freeman
Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

This balcony garden is located in the same block of flats as the ‘ambiguous space’. The client’s wish to have a garden in order to appreciate the moon has been interpreted into the floating garden of the ‘Space above Cloud’.

Nagasaki carved the white granite small cubes into a craggy surface in the Kobudashi style, a traditional technique used in building stone walls, and laid them with flat tiles to make a chequerboard pattern (ichimatsu) to represent a cloud. Less regular craggy blocks at the left hand side imply its movement and its disappearance from right to left.

Other features of this floating garden include the cube lights which form the inverse shape of the blocks; Misugaki, the horizontally tied bamboo fence which looks like sudare (blinds) drawing the boundary between the outside and inside without completely shutting out the outside; and the potted Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) which has been trained and pruned to match the vertical and horizontal geometry. The pot is buried into the granite to adapt to the surroundings, which gives the illusion of it growing from a cloud. Each element complements the other and creates the ambience of the space above cloud.

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