Roppngi HAT Clinic

Minato-ku Tokyo
Photo © Daisuke Oki
Photo © Daisuke Oki
Photo © Daisuke Oki
Photo © Daisuke Oki
Photo © Daisuke Oki
Visualisation © Hiroaki Iwasa
Hiroaki Iwasa Architects Workshop
Minato-ku Tokyo
Roppongi HAT Clinic

This is an interior project for a high-rise complex building clinic facing a highway Junction in Roppongi, Tokyo. The project required a medical treatment function for internal medicine, hyperthermia treatment, and a post-operative rest room in a deformed space that was constrained by the site and the high-rise area, with huge pillars supporting the high-rise area lined up.The detailed relationships between the rooms were solved at once by arranging them like satellites that elliptical orbit along an elliptical orbit set by the elliptical sphere of rugby, which the doctor and the architect loved .

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