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Because I believe in taking a critical approach to design, I try to look at problems on their most essential level, and base my work on what remains at the end of this reductive process.
I think that by searching for a design framework in this way, concepts are pared-down and clarified, leading to empowered design that lasts a lifetime.
Rather than focus on beautiful details and finishing, I feel it is more important to maintain a critical approach to design, because in the end it is this kind of philosophy which brings a certain style and feeling to a place and allows it to meet the demands of society and environment.

"Re-fine" Project
At Environmental Planning Studio, we believe the age of disposable architecture is over. Today's building design must be shaped by new values: sustainability and flexibility. We have developed an approach to renovation, called "Re-fine," that is based on these key values.
In Re-fine projects we replace walls, windows, and other interior elements while leaving basic structural elements unchanged. Environmental Planning Studio constantly seeks to advance the concept of "Re-fine" through public lectures as well as actual projects.

Guest Lecturer
・Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company
・Machida Hiroko Interior Coordinator Academy

Lecture Themes
1. Architecture/Environment
"Introduction to Re-fine Architecture and Re-fine Housing"
"Promoting Sustainability Through Renovation"

2. Education
"Life & Design"
"Ideas for Renovating Senior Citizen Housing"

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