Field Four Design Office

109 Cinemas Grandberrypark

Tokyo, 2019

A renovation project for a cinema complex in “Minami-machida Grandberry Park” where redevelopment was conducted to integrate the building...

Belmont Freeman Architects

Music Building, Ogaki Women's College

Ogaki, 2004

A 23,000 sf new building for the music department at Ogaki Women’s College in Gifu Prefecture, Japan; this was Belmont Freeman Architects...

小山光/Key Operation Inc.


東京, 2018

2012年に新宿NOWAビルの地下1階にオープンしたミニシアターのシネマカリテのロビー部分の改装工事。 席数が96席と78席の2スクリーンを有するこの映画館は、シネマカリテとして開館する前は居酒屋として使用されていた。そのため劇場部分も左右非対称の形をしており、ロビー部分も...


“Mirror to Mirage” - Omotesando Street Fashion…

Tokyo, 2010

Fashion, quite often is about the tension between showing and hiding. Tokyo is a city full of encounters and events. We are interested in...

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