Sakonyama Minna no Niwa (The Park of Sakonyama Housing Complexes)

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STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai
157-30 Sakonyama, Asahi-ku, 241-0831 Yokohama
1 millón - 100 millones
Urban Design Institute

The vast apartment complex of Sakonyama holds some 4,800 units, and the renovation project of its communal plaza was lead by its own management association, a rare occurrence even by national standards. Together with the residents, we have held workshops to brainstorm ideas on how to use the space, made benches to be placed in the plaza, and placed various other features all over the plaza for everyone to enjoy the space the way they want to. These features include a pizza oven that can also double as a kitchen in times of emergency, a decking stage for public presentations, benches in the shade for reading a book or for a game of Go, and a wide grassed open space for outdoor events. Sakonyama “Minna no Niwa” (everyone’s garden) will continue to provide fresh “everyday pleasures” for the residents.

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