House M

Shibuya, 2019

The site is located in a quiet residential area along an old road under the hill where Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine is located. As is often the...

OMIKOSHI/Portable shrine craft kit for kids


Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a portable shrine architecture called an OMIKOSHI.OMIKOSHI is a special architecture that is...

Musashino Atlastars Sports Clinic

Musashino-shi ,Tokyo, 2018

This project is a clinic to open sports orthopedics and rehabilitation departments for community medicine in a complex building with good...

30th Anniversary of Meikei Gakuen / Agora Hall

Tsukuba-shi Ibaraki, 2017

Meikei Gakuen High School is located at the southern end of Tsukuba Science City, and was established in 1979 with the idea of ​​developi...

Flat-Nishiwaseda Renovation

Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo, 2016

This project is a renovation plan for the owner's maisonette on the top floor of the pencil building along the arterial road. The two flo...

Roppngi HAT Clinic

Minato-ku Tokyo, 2016

This is an interior project for a high-rise complex building clinic facing a highway Junction in Roppongi, Tokyo. The project required a ...

Ookubo Wakakusa Kodomoen

Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 2015

Nursery and Kindergarten

SUSHI IWA Sohonten / Renovation

Chuou-ku Tokyo, 2015

Japanese restaurant / Sushi

Isoragi Kobikichyo

Chuou-ku Tokyo, 2014

Japanese Restaurant

House H

Mobara-shi Chiba, 2012

Private Residence

Isoragi Hakata branch

Fukuoka-Shi Fukuoka, 2011

Japanese Restaurant / Seafoods AICA Design Award 2012 Winnner

Amar Bari

Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo, 2011

In an area where wooden apartments are crowded in Tokyo, it was given as a condition to secure 4 units as an apartment house for singles....

House Y

Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, 2009




Incense case (Silver SV925) Manufacturing: Houyou Hirose, traditional craftsman 48th Japan Craft Award, selected work

SUSHI IWA Tsukiji branch


Japanese Restaurant / Sushi

House F

Saitama, 2006

Residence 14th Kawaguchi City Urpan Design Award

Temple in Black / Ceremony hall


This is a reconstruction project of the ceremony hall that was relocated with the main hall 140 years ago. In this facility, two l...

Atelier House N

Ibaraki, 2005

Atelier and residence



Usage : Mini table Material : Stainless steel,Steel Manufacture & Sale : ADAL Co, Ltd The side table was born out o...


Italia, 2004

Usage: Stacking chair Material: Resin impregnated molded plywood Design with: Takashi Shinozaki, Shinpei Tominaga Produ...

House O

Tokyo, 2003


House Y

Kanagawa, 2000



Italia, 2000

Usage: Stacking Chair Material:Molded Plywood Design with: Takashi Shinozaki, Shimpei Tominaga, Shuhei Tominaga Production: DUECORI co.,l...