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The Future of Architecture
What kind of architecture do I want to create? The kind that makes people feel happy and energized if they happen to end up spending time in the space. The kind in which they feel a natural resonance—a “good feeling” when the space is processed through the unconscious filter of their sensations. I have had this feeling not only in famous modernist architecture, but also very powerfully in dilapidated buildings I’ve visited during travels, and in ordinary, vernacular landscapes. When I create architecture, regardless of its function, I always pay close attention to the quality of its resonance with the inner world of human beings. If this resonance is superficial, it will last only temporarily. If I do not search for the intrinsic sense of life that exists on a deeper level than logical thought, I will not be able to either sense or communicate that “good feeling.” Through direct experiences of places and works of art, I engage in dialogue with past generations; through design, I engage in dialogue with future generations. The architecture that we create today is no more than a connecting point between past and future. But I believe that is enough. My hope is to continue creating architecture that simply gives rise to a feeling of resonance.

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