House in Ikedayama


At Tai and Associates, we think of architecture as the design of unique lifestyles. Buildings act as the face of their inhabitants. Rather than fitting clients into existing stereotypes, we help them explore the possibilities of a lifestyle tailored to their personality. Architecture can be both a site of self-expression and chance for the client to fulfill her dreams and hopes - and that's true regardeless of site conditions, scale, or budget.  Rather, those limitations become the motivation to create an even more attractive structure. We, as architects, don't design buildings alone. Time spent talking, thinking, and working through problems in collaboration with the client is an indispensible part of the process. Through extensive meetings and proposals, we seek to draw out the essence of what the client wants but may not be able to express, and turn it into extraordinary architecture. We're not interested in a design approach that puts everything in the hands of the architect - or in one that unhesitatingly follows the demands of the client. Instead we see client and architect as partners who create architecture together.

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