House in Yotsukaido

Chiba, 2011

Pilotis create an exterior space on the ground floor of this home, while two large terraces lend the second floor an open, expansive atmo...

House in Kikuicho

Tokyo, 2011

A wood-framed house on a small, 35-square-meter site. The walls absorb diffuse natural light from the polycarbonate façade.

House in Onomichi

Hiroshima, 2010

A combined residence and workspace with a view of the sea. The exterior walls are entirely covered with dark wood panels, allowing the ho...

House in Inokashira

Tokyo, 2010

This residence on a sloping, irregularly shaped lot is composed of layered concrete retaining walls. Cedar louvers maintain the balance b...

House in Izumi-ku

Kanagawa, 2008

A monumental residence on high ground. The goal of the design was to create breathtaking views. 

House in Sanno

Tokyo, 2008

The effect of including a large light well in this small house is to lend the entire structure a sense of openness.

House in Shiroi

Chiba, 2007

Orienting this house on a north-south axis allowed for the creation of gardens on the east and west sides.

House in Shinkoiwa

Tokyo, 2005


House in Yamanashi

Yamanashi, 2005

A vacation home in the highlands. The distinguishing features of the design are an exterior that melts into its surroundings and a number...

House in Shimoshakujii Ⅱ

Tokyo, 2004

A split-level home with a void in the center. The spiral layout leads up to the roof.

House in Kurihashi

Saitama, 2004

This residence employs both interior and exterior voids to create an open living space that blurs inside and outside.

House in Higashimurayama

Tokyo, 2003

This home features louvers made from belts. When wind moves the belts, its invisible energy is visualized.