Curtain Wall House

Design Philosophy
SBA's consistent design philosophy is to create uniquely free and open spaces with concrete rationality of structure and construction method. We seek to challenge the existing construction method by using easily obtainable off-the-shelf materials in innovative and unprecedented structural/construction systems. To achieve this goal, SBA dares to go through an empirical trial (-and error) process to consistently incorporate newly discovered technology throughout the design process into our work. SBA has worked towards developing conceptual clarity through the redefinition of aesthetics, space, materials and structure.
SBA's more underlying interest and passion is the development of the paper tube as a primary building structure. The "PTS Series" case study houses are examples of our paper tube constructions. SBA has also designed a series of experimental houses based on the idea of using standardized non-architectural products, namely paper tubes, in an entirely different context. One of the most successful projects involving paper tube architecture is the Japan Pavilion for the Hannover Expo 2000, which represents a comprehensive compilation of SBA's PTS technology. While achieving freedom of space, the PTS technology reaches its goal of establishing a completely new concept of recycling building materials entirely after their purpose is served.

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