Liget Budapest International Competition Proposal

Budapest, Hungary

■German Design Awards 2018 WINNER:Modelia Colors WAKAMATSUCHO
■German Design Awards 2018 Special Mention : Modelia Days GOKOKUJI
■The LEAF Awards 2017 (UK) Shortlist : Modelia Days GOKOKUJI
■ American Architecture Prize 2017 Special Mention : Modelia Colors WAKAMATSUCHO
■Iconic Awards 2017 (Germany) Winner : Modelia Days GOKOKUJI, Modelia Colors WAKAMATSUCHO
■The International Design Awards 2016 Gold Winner : Beishu Gallery
■The International Design Awards 2016 Honorable Mention : Modelia Days NAKANOBU
■German Design Awards 2017 Special Mention : Modelia Days NAKANOBU
■German Design Awards2016 Special Mention : Wall Cloud
■THE LEAF AWARDS 2016 (UK) Shortlilsted : Beishu Gallery
■Iconic Awards 2016 (Germany) Winner : Modelia Days NAKANOBU
■Iconic Awards 2015 (Germany) Winner : Wall Cloud

■Exhibition "SURPRISING JAPAN” at USAGI+ GALLERY (Hong Kong)

■“Beishu Gallery” was featured in Dezeen, Domus-web, ArchDaily, Architecture Lab.
■"Modelia Days NAKANOBU”was featured in Dezeen, Designboom, ArchDaily, Architecture Lab

■ japan-architects blog
・Modelia Days Nakanobu
・Beisyu Gallery
・aoyama 346

We seeks to re-interpreted architecture's position within cultural practices that determine meaning, particularly within will of epoch analysis.
The investigations traverse not only conventional notions of space, enclosure, and order but also the fluctuating frames that define spaces


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