Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Katutadai House

Ychiyo, Chiba, 2013

Katsutadai House consists of a shop and a house. The patisserie is located in the front of the first floor, with a kitchen in its back. T...




The client is a snowboard enthusiast who annually visits Japan from abroad for a short stay. He wanted to create a chalet where he could ...




A second house on the shores of Yoron Island, an island which was created from elevated coral reefs. Located on the Southernmost point in...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Folding Roof House

Shibuya, Tokyo, 2016

This is a project of residence + tenant planned on a site which is scenic in Tokyo. B1~2F are for tenants, and 3F~5F are for residence. ...


Street Renovator

Oita City, Oita, 2013

Architecture that gives the town greenness and depth This is a complex building with offices and houses in the city of Oita. We design...


Annex of Annex

Minato-ku, Tokyo, 2015

Living in the micro-morphology of a city "The site" of this project is a garage at the corner of a 35-year-old residence with a clinic...


Ainoma House

Okazaki-city, Aichi, 2016

This project is a house for an elderly parents and an atelier for their son who lives in the same city. We propose a discrete residence ...


A large gabled roof over the home office and…

Saitama-city, Saitama, 2017

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

Tokyo Diagonal Tower

Tokyo, 2019

A tower residential building within 15-minutes’ walk from Tokyo Tower. As the site is compact and its frontal road being roughly 5m, the ...

Endo Architect and Associates

Chojamaru View Terrace

Tokyo, 2017

This housing project is located five minutes away from JR Yamanote-line Meguro Station. The surrounding neighborhood is very relaxing inc...

Endo Architect and Associates


Tokyo, 2015

The site is facing towards a wide road that across the major shopping street from the Kugahara station. It is a quiet residential area, a...

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design


Tokyo, 2018

E-2 is a project of two-story duplex apartment with open roof garden. The owner of E-2 is the same as “A-1” which was completed in 2016 i...

Aisaka Architects Atelier

House in Tsukuba

Ibaraki, 2020

Overview, site, and key characteristics Located on a relatively spacious corner lot in a residential neighborhood in the city of Tsukuba...

Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects

Ookayama apartment

Tokyo, 2019

  An apartment planned in an area where commercial and residential areas are mixed. In this site where the frontage is narrow and the de...

Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects

Warehouse in Mitsuike

Kanagawa, 2018

The site is located in a suburban residential area in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City. It is rebuilding of a dilapidated garage and storehou...

Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects

House and Factory in Omori

Tokyo, 2016

The site is located in Ota ward, in an area where many small factories stand. In this house, the first floor is a factory, and the secon...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.

Share House Yakumo

Tokyo, 2008

Conversion of a building with convenient store on the ground floor and residence on first and second floors. Proposal was to use the grou...

no.555 / number fives architectural design office

FMM / Vertical alley

Tokyo, 2016

BE-FUN DESIGN / Tsuyoshi Shindo


東京, 2015

BE-FUN DESIGN / Tsuyoshi Shindo


東京, 2015

Love Architecture


Tokyo, 2013

The site is in a city block between a highway and a shopping street and resembles a sandbank. In Syugoin, adjustment of the public-privat...

Satoru Ito Architects and Associates

a hermitage

Miyagi, 2016

a multi purpose housing, which has a private library and a meeting room

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design


Tokyo, 2016

At the height of about eight meters, windows are placed horizontally in succession on the residence of the owner. The premises is locate...

Ryuichi Sasaki / Sasaki Architecture

Modelia Colors Wakamatsucho

Tokyo, 2016

This project in the Wakamatsucho section of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district transformed an office building into shared housing, where residents...

Aisaka Architects Atelier

House in Kamikitazawa

Tokyo, 2018


NKS architects



Akira Sakamoto Architect & Associates

Central dental clinic

ibaraki, 2017

Coelacanth K&H Architects

Guesthouse in Ishigakijima

Okinawa, 2013

Use : Guest house Completion :2013.04 Site area :626㎡ Building area :112㎡ Total floor area :112㎡ Structure/Number of stories: RC / 1...

Yo Yamagata Architects


Tokyo, 2017

Maniera Architect & Associates


Nara, 2009

FLAT II planned to build an office of housing of young married couple and child, and the office where one carries on a client at a house ...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Tokyo, 2015

The site is located at Aoyama in Minato ward, which is an area residential and commercial uses are mixed in Tokyo. The client couple soug...

Hugo Kohno Architect Associates


Tokyo, 2010

Hiroyuki Ito Architects

Hotel & Residence Roppongi

Tokyo, 2012

Program: Hotel, Housing Complex, shop Total Area:  1098.23㎡ Building Area: 715.15㎡ Total Floor Area: ...

Hiroyuki Ito Architects

Tatsumi Apartment House

Tokyo, 2016

The site faces not only a wide street with heavy traffic but also a subway station. We thought wasn’t appropriate to adopt steel structu...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.

Hill Top Building

Tokyo, 2014

Hill Top Building is a tenant building mainly for restaurants, with the owner’s office installed on the top floor. It is si...

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