STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai

MITSUI OUTLET PARK Kisarazu (Phase 3)

Chiba, 2018

Japan's No.1 Outlet Mall with a Wide Variety of Greenery Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu reopened in October 2018 after renovation with addi...

STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai

AEON MALL Miyazaki - hinata TERRACE

Miyazaki, 2018

Green carpet for everyday life Located close to the Miyazaki city center, AEON MALL Miyazaki opened in 2005. As the largest shopping mal...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

tonarie Yamato Takada

Nara, 2018

The project initiated when Mr. Okajima of Space, Co., Ltd., the producer of the entire project, asked us to propose what a “new shopping ...

STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai

AEON MALL Wakayama

Wakayama, 2014

AEON is the largest retailing group in Japan and AEON MALL is one of its core companies. AEON MALL Wakayama is located in between Kitan-c...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

Shoubu Parking Area “Shobu Hanami Chaya”

Saitama, 2015

ALG has been asked by the client to bring in Japan’ master architect, Kengo Kuma and Associates (KKAA)to design small resting and r...

Tadashi Saito + atelier NAVE


Kagawa, 2009

This building is our new office. We tried several things on this project. ・Structure → route 1-1 (Free brittleness structure) ・Experim...


Ginza Wako

Tokyo, 2008

Ginza Wako is located at the intersection of Ginza 4-chome. The current clock tower was designed in 1932 by the architect, Hitoshi Watana...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

COREDO Nihonbashi

Tokyo, 2004

New Lighting for urban commercial facilities. During Edo Period, people started the journey to Kyoto starting from Nihonba...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo, 2007

Lighting Design in Collaboration with FMS of New York. ALG has been commissioned to collaborate with FMS of NY to tackle t...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

Tokyo, 2012

In the corner premise of just 326㎡ across Kaminari-mon Gate, the building was required to accommodate plural programs such as tourist inf...


Flagstore Louis Vuitton

Tokyo, 2007

Imagining Louis Vuitton – The proposal aims to establish an architectural equivalent of the identity of Louis Vu...

Mount Fuji Architects Studio


Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2011

Turn the steering "commerce" to "urban space"  The site is near Centre-Kita station, in the centre of the emerging suburban district w...

Design Network Associates | DNA

Pavement design, Canal City Hakata East Building

Fukuoka, 2011

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