The client is a snowboard enthusiast who annually visits Japan from abroad for a short stay. He wanted to create a chalet where he could ...




A second house on the shores of Yoron Island, an island which was created from elevated coral reefs. Located on the Southernmost point in...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Trance-square Roof Ranch

Mito, Ibaraki, 2020

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Peninsula House

Kanto, 2018

Building a land A building can be made by two kinds of actions. One is to build a frame on the land. Another is to work on the land itse...

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Mother's House

Kanagawa, 2013

Architecture as a Verb I often tend to regard “architecture” as a “verb”. Speaking of “architecture”, it is, of course, usually used as...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Urban Holiday House in Katsusika

Katsushika, Tokyo, 2020

Yuji Tanabe Architects

Long roof house

長野県, 2020

//A house like a ship// The owner's request was to sleep with peace of mind and enjoy the morning sun comfortably. The bedroom in the ma...

Soeda and Associates

House in Utsunomiya 2

Utsunomiya, Tochigi, 2012

Upon designing this house, we were asked to design within a very limited budget as well as fulfilling the following specific requests fro...

Yo Yamagata Architects


Kagoshima, 2020

Ashida Architect & Associates

Atami Tower House

Atami, Shizuoka, 2020

Atami Tower House is located on a steep site in Atami where it faces a beautiful view to the sea using reinforced concrete structure sinc...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Hyperbolic Roof House

Ohta, Tokyo, 2016


Wall Den

Oita city, Oita, 2018

Make holes in the forested walls and live This residence is built on land between two bifurcated roads with gentle and steep uphill sl...

n o t architects studio / Tetsushi Tominaga Architect & Associates

scoop landscape house

Tokyo, 2022

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Kunigami, Okinawa, 2021

This residence in the mountainous region of northern Okinawa known as Gushiku Mui serves as a weekend and vacation home for a client whos...


Biotope along the By-pass

Nisshin, Aichi, 2019

Biotope The house sits on a subdivided plot in the new residential area of the newly finished land rezoning project in front of the Ko...


Three-tiered Platforms

Nisshin, Aichi, 2017

Tiered Foundation Perched on A Slope The site is located on the hillside of a small mountain overlooking the city. It is bound by two ...


Passage of Landscape

Toyota, Aichi, 2014

This is a house for the family of three. 3 gate-shaped frames which compose wall, floor and ceiling are layered in tiers by 650mm for ...

Keiichi Hayashi Architect

Taguchi House

Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo, 2013

This small, three-story wooden house is located on a flagpole lot in a dense residential neighborhood. Building codes relating to setback...

n o t architects studio / Tetsushi Tominaga Architect & Associates

Weather House

Tokyo, 2021

In front of the site, there is a large park with lush greenery that serves as a walking path for people. When you are in the park, your p...

Matsuyama Architect and Associates

House with Scenery

Amami, Kagoshima, 2015


Ainoma House

Okazaki-city, Aichi, 2016

This project is a house for an elderly parents and an atelier for their son who lives in the same city. We propose a discrete residence ...

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Shore house

Manazuru, Kanagawa, 2013

Near the base of the Manazuru Peninsula, on a hilly topography that slopes toward the south, the site is located where the hill's inclina...


A large gabled roof over the home office and…

Saitama-city, Saitama, 2017

Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects

44:63 - House in Azamino

Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, 2010

The house for the conductor of the art gallery. The interior of the house is finished in white in consideration with exhibiting art. Thi...

Tatsuya Nagasaki / Atelier Haretoke

House with Winodwsills

Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2011

A convenient home with varied floor levels This home for an elderly couple sits on a riverside road lined with cherry blossom trees. B...

Tatsuya Nagasaki / Atelier Haretoke

House with a Large Roof

Yuki, Ibaraki, 2010

A multilayered landscape beneath a large roof This reinforced-concrete residence is located on the outskirts of a provincial city. The...

Tatsuya Nagasaki / Atelier Haretoke

Seaside Boomerang

Isumi, Chiba, 2008

Sea and sky take center stage in this interconnected space Our goal in designing this vacation home was to make maximum use of an outs...

Tatsuya Nagasaki / Atelier Haretoke

Under the Four Roofs

Kyoto-City, Kyoto, 2012

A miniature streetscape made of four roofs This wood-framed house is located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Kyoto between Ent...

Tatsuya Nagasaki / Atelier Haretoke

House with the Floating Terraces

Musashino, Tokyo, 2018

The floating terraces links living space to the neighborhood This house for a family of five is located in a suburban neighborhood fif...

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

House Connected by Courtyard

Tokyo, 2020

A house with 9 jo (approx. 30 m2) courtyard surrounded by three-story walls with large fixed windows. The courtyard provides visual conti...

Yo Yamagata Architects


Meguro, Tokyo, 2020

Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates

House in Takatsuki

Takatsuki, 2016

The architectural program for this project was to rebuild a house in a residential subdivision developed about forty years ago. Many hous...

Niji Architects

Door House

Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 2017

The building site for this residence is a flag lot within a flag lot, set back from the road and surrounded by neighboring houses. This t...

Niji Architects

Boxes House

Zushi, Kanagawa, 2016

Niji Architects

Boundary House

Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 2014

LGS (light gauged section) lip channel is light in weight, easily transported and processed. Using its distinct quality, this house is bu...

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