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Studio Libeskind

National Holocaust Monument

CUBO Design Architect


Kamakura city,Kanagawa, 2019

This is a house for a couple of French artist (husband) and Japanese wife who are based in Japan, France and the United States and very i...

Architect Show


佐賀県, 2019

Architect Show


福岡県, 2019

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Nishiazabu House

Tokyo, 2017

Nishiazabu House is owned by the husband and wife in their 60s and is located along a narrow path in a quiet residential area. Just as ot...

Yo Yamagata Architects



Tai and Associates

House I in Chigasaki

Kanagawa, 2018


NAOI architecture & design office

House in Tsukuba

Ibaraki, 2019


Kamiuma House

Tokyo, 2017

condominium Creating “modulated connections” Located in a dense residential district in Tokyo, this property is distinguished by its t...

Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

Terrace in the Town

Kanagawa, 2019

A house as a small city. The site is located on the mountain side of Hayama where we can enjoy the lush nature and the warmth of the cal...

Yo Yamagata Architects


Chiba, 2019

Takeru Shoji Architects

hara house


Hara house is located in the agricultural village of Tsurugasone, formerly known as Nakanoshima, in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture. Th...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Tokyo, 2017

This home is located in the old town area of eastern Tokyo, where the atmosphere of an industrial district still lingers. The client, ...

Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects

House in Gakuenmae

Nara, 2014

This house is built for couples living in the suburbs of Nara. Because it is a life of only two people, it was strongly desired to set i...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.

House Meguro

Tokyo, 2007

On 46m2 site plot, a 3 storey wooden structure house of 71m2 total floor area. Contrary to a standard house, with its hierarchy between ...

t.teshima architect & associates

House in Kikuzaka


Takeru Shoji Architects

shiro house

Akita, 2018

The site is located in the dense residential area of Narayama, Akita city, facing a row of a thousand cherry trees lining the bank of th...


House in Shinishikawa (renovation project)



House in Kichijojiminamicho (renovation project)


Hayato Komatsu Architects

House in Setomi


Hayato Komatsu Architects

House in Iwakuni

山口県, 2018

CUBO Design Architect


Fuji city,Shizuoka, 2016

This site is located in a peaceful place facing in front of the tea plantation, nearby Mt.Fuji, so the request of this house FUH is “play...

CUBO Design Architect


Nagoya city,Aichi, 2014

COLORS is a house planned for clients who consists of father and daughter. This project is highly required the elements of the interior d...

Yuji Tanabe Architects

Pettanco House 2

Nagano, 2018

Pettanco House 2 is the second Pettanco and the first Pettanco is built four years ago on another place. Pettanco house 2 is located in C...

Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates

House in Matsuyacho

Osaka, 2016

This property is located in a densely developed residential neighborhood of Osaka. The client had lived on the site since childhood, so w...

UZU architects

Skip House

Shiga, 2016

Entrance of the mountain heading for Shigaraki. A big zelkova receiving the setting sun ahead of the road leading to the mountain behind....

Takeru Shoji Architects

su house


Located in Urayama, Nishi ward, Niigata City, the site is located atop a sand dune hill formed by the Sea of Japan. The site area is 20...

Takeru Shoji Architects

se house


The residential area where the site is located abuts a high-speed motorway in the Nishi ward of Niigata, Japan. The area was embanked wit...

Hugo Kohno Architect Associates


Tokyo, 2016

Composite Beams Made of Laminated Lumber and Steel Trusses Support This House Located on a lot with a narrow frontage, this building ho...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Chiba, 2017

Located in a new residential development in Chiba prefecture, this house sits on a lot surrounded by roads on three sides. The clients re...

CUBO Design Architect


Oiso,Kanagawa, 2016

Enjoyable great view from the site, this house is located on the top of the hill to be able to overlooking the Hiratsuka City in front, a...

CUBO Design Architect


Kamakura city,Kanagawa, 2018

Surrounded by aged trees, this is a planning in Kamakura-like forest. This house, where trees and flowers approach, should be designed wi...

CUBO Design Architect


Oiso,Kanagawa, 2015

Overlooking the Sagami Bay to the east and Mt. Fuji in the point of forest to the west, this house "MaOL" is located at the best view poi...

NAOI architecture & design office

Vintage House

Tokyo, 2018

An urban style house built in an ally-like site. The 3m-high ceiling offers a spacious LDK space, even though the site area has a limited...

NAOI architecture & design office

Primitive House

Tokyo, 2018

This is a house with a music studio in the basement, built in a quiet residential area. Taking advantage of the large site, by providing ...

NAOI architecture & design office

House in Moriya

Ibaraki, 2018

This house was built due to the desire of our client having an environmental change from living in an apartment in Tokyo to suburban life...

CUBO Design Architect


Nishiyashiro city, Yamanashi, 2018

This is a planning in a relaxing place facing magnificent mountains in the city of Kofu. The site is divided into two, one of them is for...

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