NAOI architecture & design office

Hut in Karuizawa

Nagano, 2023

Unemori Architects

Father and Son’s House

Saitama, Japan, 2022

The project is what could be described as a mixture of renovation and new construction. On the site in a suburban residential area with a...

Unemori Architects

House in Takaoka

Takaoka city, Toyama, Japan, 2020

This is a one-story house in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. It stands on a deep lot an old district, with a neighboring house and a war...

Unemori Architects

House Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan, 2019

This is a small house with a total floor area of 50 square meters in a densely populated area in Tokyo. As the surrounding houses close i...

iVY Design Associates


Maebashi City, 2014

House K is a residence for a family of four. It is located on the outskirts of Maebashi City in Gunma, Japan. The site is surrounded by o...

LEVEL Architects

House in Ito

Ito, Shizuoka, 2019

Hiroshi Shoji Architect & Associates

House in Yokohama

Kanagawa, 2023

Organic Design Inc.

Green Screen House

Saitama, 2013

We approached this residential design project from the home's relationship to the neighborhood and yard, and also sought an optimal conne...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Tokyo, 2019

The site is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in the heart of Tokyo, where the client run a dentistry clinic as husband and wif...

Takeshi Hirobe Architects

Villa MKZ

Chiba, 2021

The footprint of this vacation home dances around the complex conditions of the site. Although the site is splendidly situated overlookin...

Case-Real / Koichi Futatsumata Studio

House in Jindaiji

Jindaiji, 2022

A project located in a quiet residential area in Chofu City, Tokyo. The client was attracted to this environment due to the trees planted...

Niji Architects

Step Garden House


Terraced gardens create city hills I wanted to create a house that would allow the entire site to be bathed in sunlight even in a dens...

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

House with a Road Around

Chiba, 2021

House with a wrap-around road. The land in a suburb of Chiba city is large enough for a house, approx. 500 sqm, but frontal road which i...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Dancing place in front of Jingu Shrine

Shibuya Ward, 2022

Dancing in the City Dwellings reject the city" is how urban housing can be described in the modern age. Living in the city" consists o...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Floating Residence in Setagaya

Setagaya Ward, 2021

We may be living in an era of climate change. Disasters are becoming routine. The memory of the flood in Setagaya is still fresh in our m...

Hiroaki Iwasa Architects Workshop

House M

Shibuya, 2019

The site is located in a quiet residential area along an old road under the hill where Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine is located. As is often the...

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

House toward Tateyama

Toyama, 2016

The site, which overlooks the rice fields and the Tateyama peaks, is located in Toyama Prefecture of the Hokuriku region. Here, the cl...

Matsuyama Architect and Associates

House in Satsuma Road

Yachiyo-city, Kumamoto, 2021

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Log H

Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 2014

A log house of steel My interest lies in the 'shinkabe' (plastered wall with exposed timber pillars) rather than the 'ookabe' (wall wh...

Hayato Komatsu Architects

House in Yugun



House with three gardens

Ito, Shizuoka, 2018



House with uneven LDK

Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2018

凸凹ワンルームは視線は合わないが家族の気配が感じられるLDK LDKのそれぞれの空間に特徴を持たせるために6つの個室を分散させ、その隙間に凹凸のあるワンルームを計画した。この空間は見えずとも気配が感じられる家族の共有空間である。また、この空間において、天井の垂木と壁の間柱...

Coelacanth K&H Architects

Shirahata Public Housing – Otome Public Housing

Kumamoto, 2019

Immediately after the Kumamoto Earthquake, many people were forced to live in evacuation centers and continue to live in temporary housin...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Tokyo, 2021

This house in a quiet residential neighborhood of central Tokyo was built for a couple who had long lived on the property but wanted to r...

KURU Co., Ltd.

House in Nakagyo

Kyoto-City, 2018

[I House] The client in this collaborative design project was a longtime acquaintance of the architect as well as a designer herself, a...

KURU Co., Ltd.

M House

Nara-City, 2018

Waterside House The lot this house sits on is former farmland facing a reservoir in a residential neighborhood. It is a flag lot with...

NAOI architecture & design office

Courtyard House

Chiba, 2021

On a site of approximately 470m2, the plan was to build a house for a family of three and a dog, plus an inner garage that could hold thr...

NAOI architecture & design office

House in Hayama

Kanagawa, 2021

This residence for a family of four was built in Hayama-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture. Although there is no ocean view, the environment is ric...

NAOI architecture & design office

WRS House

Tokyo, 2020

This is an urban residence with a basement + 2 stories above ground, taking advantage of the difference in elevation of the site. It feat...

Osamu Nishida / ondesign partners

A Small Dwelling

Zushi-City, Kanagawa, 2018

The clients wanted a house with many rooms even if the rooms were small. As designer, we were requested to design a house where the clien...

Takeshi Hirobe Architects

Phase Dance

Ito-City, Shizuoka, 2019

The site for this project is sloped and initially was covered in dense forest. Although the surrounding area was developed with second ho...

Toshiaki Tanaka & Associates

House in Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguchi, 2018

Toshiaki Tanaka & Associates

Villa in Yufuin

Yufuin-cho, Oita, 2013

Yo Yamagata Architects


Kantou Area, 2021

We built two houses over a period of five years. The first house, US, was completed five years ago and was a two-family home for the pare...

KEN Architects / Kenichi Kohmura


神奈川県, 2022

南北を緑で囲まれた和の佇まいを感じる住宅です。くの字の大屋根を架けることで、おおらかな軒下空間を生み出し内外を繋げます。 詳しくはホームペ...

Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier

Sandwich House

Sapporo, Hokkaido, 2019

The site overlooking the center of Sapporo is located almost at the top of a residential area spreading out like a hill at the foot of Mt...

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