Dazaifu Tenmangu is a shrine situated in Dazaifu city, Fukuoka. Located on each side of the tower gate leading to the main hall (honden) ...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.

Inagawa Cherry Blossom Cemetery

Hyogo, 2020

The tree burial in Inagawa Cemetery is located in the rich nature of the Hokusetsu Mountains. The 148 caskets in 35 cm square are laid ou...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Zuishoji Temple

Tokyo, 2019

Zuisho-ji Temple (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is the first temple in Tokyo of the Obaku Sect, one of the Zen Buddhist schools brought to Japan by t...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.

Inagawa Cemetery chapel and visitor centre

Hyogo, 2017

Inagawa Cemetery is located on a steep site in the Hokusetsu Mountain Range of the Hyogo prefecture, approximately 40 kilometres north of...

Love Architecture

Hasshoden - Charnel house in Ryusenji Temple

Saitama, 2015

Opens the temple to community as a place to interact with "life" In recent years, the decay of local communities due to urbanization h...

Hosaka Takeshi Architects

Shonan Christ Church

Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, 2014

This is the church project in seaside town near to Tokyo.The protestant church had been located on the other place over 50 years and has ...

NKS architects

Minamo Terrace


Waro Kishi + K.Associates

GLA Chukyo Hall

Aichi, 2016

This is a convention hall located in Naka-ku, Nagoya City. It is built on an approximately 1,500 square-meter site, on top of the statio...

Atelier BNK

Makomanai Church

Hokkaido, 2014


Waro Kishi + K.Associates

GLA Osaka Hall

Osaka, 2013

The project is to design a convention facility in a suburb of Osaka. The lot stands between two roads. The south side faces a busy street...


Shinkoji Temple

aichi, 2014

Plan for the temple’s main building to connect the sky and a town. The site is located in an old town in Minami-ku Nagoya c...

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.

Byodoin Phoenix Hall

Kyoto, 2014

Phoenix Hall was erected in 1053, and recently finished the large scale repair of Heisei-era from 2012 to 2014. This repair covered th...

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.

Chuson-ji Konjikido & Sankozo

Iwate, 2012

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.

Koyasan Tokyobetsuin

Tokyo, 2010

Schri Kakinuma


Fukuoka, 1994

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

Meiji Shrine Dancing Hall

Tokyo, 1993

Lighting design for a new religious dancing hall. Meiji Shrine stands amidst of serene quite forest in middle of Tokyo adj...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

Myouchikai Annex

Tokyo, 1994

Lighting design for a new administration wing. Exterior lighting at the Annex, combined with the lighting of the temple, i...

Hosaka Takeshi Architects

Hongodai Church School & Nursery

Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 2010

The architecture is designed from one stroke line taking the trees in. This school is managed by christ church. First floor is nursery s...

Shigeru Ban Architects

Paper Church

Hyogo, 1995

This community center was built by church volunteers whose house of worship was destroyed by Kobe earthquake in 1995. Materials were dona...

Hiroaki Iwasa Architects Workshop

Temple in Black / Hall


Religious building 19th Ibaraki Prefecture Architectural Culture Award, Excellence Prize

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