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ORIGEN 19º 41' 53'' N



Tsukiji Building

Tokyo, 2004

Structure: RC+Steel Frame Scale: 70.96㎡(Site)174.05㎡(Existing Area)53.63㎡(Extension Area) Floor Area: 3 Stories+1

Igarashi Design Studio / Hisae Igarashi

PEACH JOHN Tokyo office

Tokyo, 2018

BE-FUN DESIGN / Tsuyoshi Shindo


山形, 2016

Architect Show


福岡県, 1997

Tetsuo Kobori Architects

ROKI Global Innovation Center

Shizuoka, 2013

ROGIC (ROKI Global Innovation Center) is a research and development facility focusing on products from ROKI, a company located in Hamamat...

Tetsuo Kobori Architects


Fukui, 2017

Creating “Lived Experiences with Physical Others” Beyond the Community NICCA Chemical Group, which has been based in this part of Fu...

Satoru Ito Architects and Associates

Engawa Office

Tokushima, 2013

It used to be an old house, which is renovated to office.

Satoru Ito Architects and Associates

Engawa Office Archive Wing

Tokushima, 2014

It used to be an old house, which was renovated to office.

Satoru Ito Architects and Associates

Kamiyama Valley Satellite Office Complex

Tokushima, 2013

It used to be a garment factory, which was converted to office.

Satoru Ito Architects and Associates

Wood + Steel Shelf

Tokyo, 2013

Book shelf made of wood and steel in the office It also works as a partition of the office space.

Ryuichi Sasaki / Sasaki Architecture


Tokyo, 2016

This project in the Wakamatsucho section of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district transformed an office building into shared housing, where residents...

NKS architects



Architect Show


福岡県, 2015

Architect Show


福岡県, 2009

Yuji Tanabe Architects

Corona Electric Head Office and Factory

Ibaraki, 2013

The design of the building, located one hour north of tokyo, places the manufacturing space at the heart of the scheme, with support room...

Coelacanth K&H Architects

Community floor -The first floor of Ishii Food…

Chiba, 2014

Use : eating place Completion : 2014.07 Site area : 998.53㎡ Total floor area :2439.13㎡ Structure : RC

Takeru Shoji Architects

Wow! Sta.

Niigata, 2015

Wow! Sta. is situated in Horinouchi, in the Central Ward of Niigata City - an area where the city center gradually begins to give way to ...

Hashimoto Yukio Design Studio Inc.

Toyo Kitchen Style Nagoya Main Building

Nagoya, 2011

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

Village on the building

Tokyo, 2016

Office building project in Central Tokyo In Central Tokyo, where the land price is high and building restrictions are severe, the frame...

Hiroyuki Ito Architects

Nissen Kanda The Second bldg.

Tokyo, 2016

Program: Office building Area: 921.58 ㎡

Igarashi Design Studio / Hisae Igarashi

Sogen office

Tokyo, 2015

Let's change space with a color! Exhibition 2nd

aat + makoto yokomizo architects


Tokyo, 2006

The outer-shell structural building. The usable area in the building can be acquired even on a narrow site to its maximum. The structure ...

Ryuichi Sasaki / Sasaki Architecture


Tokyo, 2011

Purpose of Building: Office/Retail/Dining/Residential Site Area: 999.24㎡ Area: 4,621.54㎡ Structure: Steel Structure/Reinforced Conc...

Kawakami Design Room

Swible chair for UCHIDA YOKO

Uchida Yoko Co.,Ltd.

Takeru Shoji Architects

k house

Niigata, 2009

This smaller house was designed for a couple with two grown children incorporating the specific needs of the family—that it be hand...

Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

Office building in Ginza

Tokyo, 2013

The client is the owner of a long-established Japanese restaurant that has been in business from 1913 in Ginza. In Ginza, there a...

Aisaka Architects Atelier

Keiun building

Tokyo, 2014


Mamiya Shinichi Design Studio

Pillar Grove

Aichi, 2013

Our newly-built office plan.   The site is located in a suburb of Nagoya City, near the last s...

Hiroshi Shoji Architect & Associates, LLC

Office Interior in MarunouchiⅠ

Tokyo, 2004


Hiroshi Shoji Architect & Associates, LLC

Tokyo University Ubiquitous Demonstration Room

Tokyo, 2005


Hiroshi Shoji Architect & Associates, LLC

Office Interior in Marunouchi Ⅱ

Tokyo, 2006


Ryuichi Sasaki / Sasaki Architecture

Wall Cloud

Tokyo, 2014

In recent years, various renovation projects have been attempted for a warehouse building, at which a legendary disco, “Juliana's Tokyo”,...

Field Four Design Office

Nissen Head Office

Kyoto, 2012

Nikkei Office Award, Kinki Block Honorable Mention SDA Award, Winner DSA Award, Winner

Field Four Design Office

The Imamura Securities Co.,Ltd.

Ishikawa, 2014

Interior Planning Award 2014 Winner, DSA Award Winner

Tadashi Saito + atelier NAVE


Kagawa, 2009

This building is our new office. We tried several things on this project. ・Structure → route 1-1 (Free brittleness structure) ・Experim...

Architect Show

SPAZIO B.L.D [Cloister Patio]

Fukuoka, 1999

It is a five floor office and rental apartment building with one basement. The first floor has two entrance acted as face for the office ...

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