1moku co.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Morinokan

Tokyo, 2017

A new shrine was built on a small hill in the Hotel Chinsanzo Tokyo garden, a scenic spot on Tsubakiyama [Mt. Tsubaki]. We created a roof...

Design Network Associates | DNA

Kyushu Women’s University

福岡県北九州市, 2017

Campus as a Park A vast expanse of outdoor space emerged after old school buildings had been demolished upon the construction of a new...


COBY Preschool Nakamachidai

Kanagawa, 2016


Dokkyo Medical University

Tochigi, 2015

This project was completed in two phases of construction. The pavement, furniture, flowers, and other landscape elements share a unified ...


NIJINOIRUKA Nursery school Hikawadai

Tokyo, 2015

We designed this “little forest” or “children’s forest” in a garden tucked behind the nursery school building. Our image for this forest ...


COBY Preschool Sekimachi

Tokyo, 2014

A semi-exterior walkway constructed from wisteria trellises, louvers, and vining plants forms the interface between this preschool and th...

1moku co.

Garden Visualizing Fashion Models as Landscape

Hyogo, 2007

Project for renovation of building and garden after 34 years One of the challenges of this project was that a third of the garden was ta...

STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai

Yamanami Nursery School

Fukui, 2015

Yamanami nursery school in Obama, Fukui prefecture, is located at the foot of mountains rich in nature. We have created a "circle" of woo...

wa-so design

Ginza Grand Hotel by Granvista

Tokyo, 2014

Interior Design : Uchida Design Inc.  Type : Roof Garden of Hotel

wa-so design

O House

Nara, 2015

Architectural Design : Swing Architectual Space Design  Type : Private Garden

wa-so design

Sanadayama Dental Office

Osaka, 2015

Type : Wall Garden

wa-so design

Kyo no Zen Kuruma

Kyoto, 2015

Type : Garden of Reataurant

wa-so design

Kitabatake Garden

Osaka, 2016

Type : Private Garden 

wa-so design

House of Tobias Jacobsen

Osaka, 2016

Type : Garden of Shop

Design Network Associates | DNA

Fukuoka Children's Hospital

Fukuoka, 2014

Hospital Park The landscape including a hospital garden on the first floor and the roof garden on the fourth floor is designed around ...

wa-so design

Y House

Hyogo, 2012

Architectural Design : Yaneura Architects Type : Private Garden

wa-so design

S House

Wakayama, 2014

Architect : spray Construction : Sooto Inc. Type : Private Garden

wa-so design

I House

Hyogo, 2012

Architectural Design : Suga Architects Office  Type : Private Garden 

wa-so design

K House

Osaka, 2013

Architectural Design : Suga Architects Office Type : Private Garden 

wa-so design


Shizuoka, 2013

Hotel Produce/Uchida Design Inc. Photo/ 01...


Dokkyo Medical University (phase1)

Tochigi, 2013

The chain of gardens that surround this dormitory for nursing students turns it onto a living environment where the students can unwind f...


Ichikawa no Mori Cemetery

Chiba, 2012

This cemetery sits on top of a bluff, set slightly apart from nearby residential neighborhoods. Surrounded by Asian pear orchards and woo...


COBY Preshools Kodaira

Tokyo, 2013

Rather than prescribing how children should play – for instance by installing typical playground equipment – the goal of this...

Mitani Landscape Studio

Sumisho Takebashi Building

Tokyo, 2009

Mitani Landscape Studio

D.T. Suzuki Museum

Ishikawa, 2011

Mitani Landscape Studio

Nippondaira Hotel

Shizuoka, 2012

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Secondary Landscape

Tokyo, 2004

From a bird's eye view, the alignment of roofs in Tokyo forms a "second landscape," "another surface. "Tokyo seems to emerge from virgin ...


Ronghui International Hotspring City Shangzhu…

Chongqing, 2011

The Shangzu Model Area garden spans a height of seven meters from entrance to model apartments. The overall concept for the site was to c...


NSENGI Kitakyushu Dormitory

Fukuoka, 2012

The dormitory for employees of NSENGI is located near the company’s main enterprise, an iron foundry in Kitakyushu. The garden func...


Ovaless House

Fukushima, 2009

wa-so design

N House

Aichi, 2009

Architectural Design : Studio Eight Architect Type : Private Garden

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