Kyoai Glocal Gateway

Maebashi-city, Gumma
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Photo © Tomohiro Nanase + Taichi Ano
Coelacanth and Associates Inc.
Maebashi-city, Gumma

A base for people (knowledge) that connects people, regions and campuses, and the world.

Kyoai Gakuen is a comprehensive school that has a history of 133 years, from a children's garden to a university. It is attracting attention for its efforts. In addition to "Building No. 4 KYOAI COMMONS (COMMONS)" (Kumiko Inui Architects), which is the base of active learning and campus life, further improvement of educational environment and student life, consolidation of university administration and management functions.

In order to enhance the architecture, a nomination proposal was made in which architect Naomichi Kurata participated as an advisor in search of a new architecture that integrates "a place for learning," "a place for gatherings and exchanges," and "office work functions." rice field.

The planned site is lined up with COMMONS, the starting point of the beautiful "Campus Mall" lined with cherry blossom trees, across the plaza. The office building (Building No. 1), which has the central function of the existing university, was located at the end of this axis, but when moving from the back of the campus to the entrance, it will connect people as a node between the area and the campus. I thought that it was necessary to have a building that was open in all directions without both sides creating a flow.

In addition, as a new workplace to support the sustainability of the university, medium-scale furniture that creates various relationships between visiting students and faculty members is installed.

From various approaches and landscapes, characteristic "four faces" emerge in the four corners of the building.

The "Campus Gate," which will be the face of the new campus, welcomes visitors with a roof that extends high toward the intersection and a wooden-finished eaves. The "Activity Terrace" is a space that connects the hall and the plaza that is tilted so that people can stand freely, and can also be used as a stage for events such as cultural festivals. The "Sakura Entrance" is a place to showcase the activities of university brands and students, and the canopy near the car is also a flow line that connects to COMMONS and is not wet with rain. The "Green Terrace" is a lush landscape, a work place for office work and a buffer green space on the road. Staff members interact with each other through the flexible working area (FWA) of the atrium facing this terrace for creative cooperation.

In addition to these "four faces" and halls, a "project room" has been set up to support collaboration with companies and various activities. If the fittings are left open, the boundary will become one with the Flexible Learning Area (FLA) and the activity will exude.

Then, the elements that are more than furniture and less than architecture, such as the reception counter, the combination of benches / bookshelves and fittings, and the counter desk integrated with the stepped deck and handrails, which create a loose relationship between the workplace and FLA, are "middle". We regarded it as a "scale" and set it so that every place induces various activities.

The university borderlessly crosses regions, universities and the world, unleashing all boundaries and creating a variety of innovations, without barriers between students, faculty and staff. The ease with which local people step into the space, the freedom for students to pass by the glass-enclosed boardroom, and the space filled with encounters and opportunities for all, are more open to the community than ever before. I hope that it will become a base for GLOCAL universities to send to the world.

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