Air Wash Flooring

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Flooring that cleans the air for a healthier home
Antiviral / Antibacterial / VOC Removal / Deodorizing
Effect of photocatalyst on bacteria viewed with scanning electron microscope / Titanium oxide in coating viewed with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
A groundbreaking new photocatalytic technology that responds to visible light and d elivers results even in dark conditions.
A catalyst is a substance that triggers a reaction in other substances without itself undergoing any permanent changes. Catalysts that work by interacting with light are called photocatalysts. Titanium oxide is a particularly effective and safe photocatalyst that interacts with ultraviolet rays from the sun or other strong light sources to eliminate viruses, bacteria, organic compounds, and other harmful substances. Because photocatalysts are not themselves changed in this process, they remain effective for a long period of time, making them an environmentally sustainable and economical coating material. Ikuta’s Air Wash Flooring takes titanium oxide technology to the next level by responding to fluorescent lights, LEDs, and other interior lights in order to destroy the viruses, bacteria, VOCs, and odor-causing substances that accumulate on floors. In addition, the promotors that attach to titanium oxide eliminate viruses and bacteria even in dark conditions. Our AWF products work around the clock to bring you a safe, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle from the floor up.
Antiviral Effect
Antibacterial Effect
VOC Removal
Deodorizing Effect

Experience safety, health, and comfort at home with our flooring

Ikuta’s Air Wash Flooring incorporates groundbreaking new photocatalytic technology optimized to break down harmful substances even in the dark. Our original composite flooring destroys viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs, the source of sick building syndrome) and the sources of unpleasant odors that settle on floors. The catalytic technology works not only under natural light but under interior lighting as well, with long-lasting effects.

*This product is not a medical device intended to treat or prevent illness.

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