Oyane no ie

Design Philosophy
No one piece of land nor a client's demand is the same as the other.
Therefore we propose the best design for each of our client's uniqure requirement, based on our deep understanding of engineering such as functionality and durability.
Our hope is to create simple and universal architecture which is not specific to any particular style, and which lets you feel "nature" irregardless of its environment.

Sincerity and Simplicity
Our primary goal is not novelty.
We just focus on each project and its requirements such as the environment, the clients, and the current trends, with our utmost sincerity.
We believe "originality" is organically conceived when we strive to improve the everyday environment.
Pursuing "what we want to do" instead of "what should be done" lets us seek what is truly essential.
Even in this globalized and modernized world, we hope Japan's incredible natural sceneries will continue to thrive as part of our culture and our lives.
We believe, when we try to integrate our lives with nature, our essential needs as humans can be satisfied, thus, adding the essence of universalness to the architecture.
What we strive to pursue simplicity.
Because we believe simplicity is what our society really yearns for.

■ Two new projects were added to the detailed project pages.

■ House in Koiwa was reported in the Japan-architects.com blog.


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