House in Hayama

Hayama, Kanagawa, 2017

House in Shiki

Shiki, Saitama, 2017

House in Fukasawa

Setagaya, Tokyo, 2013

The design makes optimum use of a long, thin building site with a 3.6-meter frontage. While conveying a sense of freedom and relaxation, ...

Two-Family House in Tobu Dobutsu Koen

Saitama, 2013

This home for two generations has convenient access to urban areas while also enjoying direct views of a cherry-tree-lined street in its ...

House in Ofuna

Kanagawa, 2012

By carving into this pyramid-shaped structure with its peak on the western side, the architects opened up lines of sight while maintainin...

House in Shibuya

Tokyo, 2011

This home features a skateboard bank ramp and piano room. The skateboard ramp is connected to an exterior garden, as well as to the eleva...

House in Monzennakacho

Tokyo, 2011

When the architects visited the building site for this home they were struck by the sight of the Oyoko River running just beyond the next...

House in Fuji

Shizuoka, 2011

 In order to take advantage of the unique landscape on the northern side of the site, which includes a sloped hillside as well as a park,...

House in Todoroki

Tokyo, 2011

A 3.3-meter cantilever juts out over the entryway of this house, which has no windows in its façade. In contrast, a south-facing, V-shape...

Three-Family House in Nakano

Tokyo, 2010

Three family units spanning four generations share this home. A void pierces the entire structure, serving on the basement floor as a dry...

Two-Family House in Zaimokuza

Kanagawa, 2010

This chevron-shaped house wrapped around the greenery on a pentagonal building site offers the residents a series of unusual interior and...

House in Oimachi

Tokyo, 2010

With a frontage measuring 3.6 meters and a depth of 11.8 meters, this type of small home is nicknamed an “eel’s cave” in Japanese. Despit...

House in Nakameguro

Tokyo, 2009

The slide in this house isn’t just an object for play but rather an integral part of the structure’s circulation: residents climb to the ...

House in Oyamadai

Tokyo, 2008

A central courtyard brings light and air to the interior of this residence, brightening the living room. By incorporating a view of the g...