House in Tondabayashi2

Osaka, 2005

The house stands on a 30°north-facing slope in a suburb of Osaka. The 5-meter cantilevered living room connects to a wood terrace, maxim...

House in Otsu

Shiga, 2005

This house stands in a quiet valley in eastern Kyoto. The precipitous hillside gradually became overgrown with trees, and eventually beca...

House on a Hill in Kobe

Hyogo, 2004

This house was built in a housing development on a hill in Kobe. The gently sloping triangular site was created by combining two existing...

House in Uehonmachi

Osaka, 2003

Building in Tanigami

Hyogo, 1999

The site for the building lies in a hugely developed area in northern Kobe. The area has already lost a large part of the natural environ...

House in Komuro

Osaka, 1998

The site lies near Osaka. Ancient tombs from the 5th century still remain in the area. The owner's family resides here since two generati...