Photo © Nacasa & Partners Inc.
Photo © Nacasa & Partners Inc.
Photo © Nacasa & Partners Inc.

House on a Hill in Kobe

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This house was built in a housing development on a hill in Kobe. The gently sloping triangular site was created by combining two existing lots. New houses line up to the north, while an expansive view of Osaka Bay opens to the south, thanks to the 30 degree slope that continues below the house for 30 meters.

Taking the surrounding environment into consideration, we chose concrete and glass as the exterior materials. The concrete wall on the north blocks eyes from above, while the south-facing glass curtain wall enhances the openness of the inside space. The concrete wall is bent to follow the intersecting streets in front of the house, and the glass wall mirrors the shape of the triangular terrace. These elements add up to make a boomerang-shaped building.

Inside the house, repeating gate-shaped steel frames construct the linear space. The sunlight filtering through the windows along the top of the concrete wall, along with the view to the south, create a relaxed atmosphere. Translucent interior partitions let light through and increase the depth of the linear space.

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