House in Komuro

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The site lies near Osaka. Ancient tombs from the 5th century still remain in the area. The owner's family resides here since two generations, so the family's memories are accumulated here in many forms. The garden is meant to act as a symbol for these memories. The focus of the planning is to set the garden as the private center of the house, and at the same time, include the ancient tombs as public scenery.

The sharp concrete slabs, glass windows with different transparency and cinder block walls are the main compositional elements of the house. The floor and ceiling slabs horizontally set the residential territory, and vertically follows the landscape. On the other hand, the walls act as membranes to expand and contract the residential territory.

In the direction of the ancient tombs, glass windows with different transparency frame the scenes. The doors and windows facing the garden produce a more direct relationship between people and the garden. Viaducts and steel towers in the north of the site are visually blocked effectively by opaque membranes, and it emphasizes the relationship among the architecture, the garden, and the tombs. The life here spins around in those relationships.

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