Messner Haus, Seis am Schlern
Photo © Alex Filz
Messner Haus, Seis am Schlern
Photo © Alex Filz
Messner Haus, Seis am Schlern
Photo © Alex Filz
Messner Haus, Seis am Schlern
Photo © Alex Filz
Messner Haus, Seis am Schlern
Photo © Alex Filz
LS 990 Dark
Photo © JUNG

Messner Haus

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Seis am Schlern, Italy
Noa* - Network of Architecture

Visionary architecture in the tradition of South Tyrol

Dialogue between yesterday and today: At the foot of the Schlern, on the picturesque Seiser Alm (Bozen), the largest Alpine pasture in Europe, the Italian architects from NOA* under the leadership of the architect Stefan Rier have transformed an old barn at the centre of the village of Seis with its 2000 inhabitants into a hybrid treasure. Inspired by the memories of the architect of a childhood in the high mountains, the project completed in 2017 arose from his personal motivation. In the sensitive ambience of the landscape of South Tyrol designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an architecture was integrated with its own identity.

The Messner Haus takes on the dialogue with tradition and at the same time surprises with an exceptionally visionary architecture. The goal of the design was to transform the old barn into a new living space that, freed from traditional conventions, enters architecturally innovative pathways while still sensitively building a bridge to the local Alpine aesthetic and established architecture.

The statics challenge is permeable and osmotic: the ground floor concentrates on social living with a generous dining table and inviting kitchen along one wall in natural brass in a kind of Piazza for all. From there, the house develops vertically upwards along a 12-metre-high supporting structure. The classic rooms in the private sphere such as bathroom, bedrooms and library are replaced by “floating boxes” that are arranged at different heights and connected with steps. Climbing the total of three floors is like scaling a mountain. The private sphere and intimacy become more defined as you get higher. The highest box contains a sauna with a view of the Santner mountain. The brave architecture combined with tradition is based entirely on regionally produced materials such as larch and stone. The natural lighting has been maximised: in the southerly direction, the façade is completely glazed and the light is filtered through the wooden structure. The projecting roof offers protection from the strong direct sunlight in the summer.

Focus on what is special: the Messner Haus has been equipped with the JUNG classic LS 990 design in Aluminium Dark. The high-quality metal design sets refined accents and blends classically discreetly into the modern internal design without dominating. The KNX system from JUNG provides convenience and energy efficiency. With the intelligent system, functions such as lighting, air conditioning, security and multimedia interact for central and smart control according to the individual needs of the owner. The project has been awarded the Iconic Award 2018 and was a finalist at the WAF (World Architecture Festival and Awards).

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