House in Yunagi

Yunagi, 2023

House in Kudamatsu

Kudamatsu, 2023


Hiroshima, 2023

Oshigome Base

Hiroshima, 2023

House in Tezukayama

Osaka, 2022

House in Takasu

Takasu, 2022

House in Yugun

Yugun, 2022


Hiroshima, 2021

Redefining the customary layout of a roadside city – This project involves the construction of a LC (Lifestyle Culture Market), a complex...

Creatore with Plus


A place where visitors can experience a new way of working – As reforms in work styles become a hot topic, office design is diversifying,...

House in Eba

広島県, 2019

TSUCHIBA Connecting Architecture and Environment – The designer's own residence in Hiroshima City. When we visited the site for the first...

House in Iwakuni

Iwakuni, 2018

House in Shunan

Shunan, 2018

House in Setomi

Setomi, 2017

House in Asami

Asami, 2016

House in Rakurakuen

Rakurakuen, 2016

House in Shinyashiki

Ehime, 2016

House in Gojinya

Ehime, 2015

House in Nakayama

Hiroshima, 2014

House in Iyo

Iyo, 2012

House in Masaki

Ehime, 2011

House in Imabari

Ehime, 2010