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Beppu, Oita

Aiming for "altruistic" architecture and community development

Thank you for visiting "DABURA.m WEB". We are a company working on "architectural design", "spatial regeneration", and "regional design". This site also introduces the buildings that have been requested and realized, the spaces that have been regenerated, and the social projects that we have been working on. We would appreciate it if you could take a look and think about the concept.

I decided to pursue the path of architecture when I was in the second year of high school. Until then, I wanted to be the designer of the Space Shuttle, but when I was in my second year of high school, I saw a document saying that "oil may run out in 60 years." At that time, I wanted to work on "the earth" rather than space development, and I liked fashion and music, so I would like to show "concrete answers with the joy of creation" to environmental issues and social issues. Aiming for the path of architecture as a work that can be done, it was founded after training at a university and training as a designer, and continues to the present day.

In reality, oil is unlikely to be depleted in 60 years, but with the progress of globalization, various issues such as climate change have become apparent in the world, which has a great impact on our lives and the future. increase. I feel that "things about the earth" are becoming more and more important issues.

Currently, COVID19 is in the midst of covering the world, and we are greatly influenced by it, but I would like to take this event as a turning point to reconsider the way we live in civilization and society.

Up until now, we have always emphasized "altruism" in our projects, but we would like to return to our original intentions and aim for architecture and community development as a culture born from "altruism". I know. I would like to work with clients and collaborators to create architecture and local spaces as soft beings with the joy of creation and interaction.

Takafumi Mitsuura, CEO of DABURA.m Co., Ltd. 

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