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Gaining a residential house is not simply a matter of consuming goods or picking up an item from a shop, but is a constructive process of gathering various factors such as an environment, a people, a history, a view, a scent, a sound, a hand feeling. The most important role of the process surely belongs to the owner, but things won't go that easy. And there,we consider,arise some part for an architects.

An architects will not only visualize the demands of the clients, but also search for an underlying message of what they cannot articulate. And considering the factors mentioned before, we often propose them with something that they never imagined.

The collaboration between an architects and the owner will build a house that is a constitutive element of the continuum city.This is a very important process for the owner as a matured residents of an organizer of their social life. And by getting through the process, they will cultivate the love and take a long care of their own house. Acquiring a house differ from purchasing grocery as in an economic activity.
I always hope to empathize with the clients, and hopefully build a house that will also impress myself.


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