Kobe 25th

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(Photo: Takenaka Corporation)

This project is located near the port in the city of Kobe. Like the surface of the ocean it looks over, the appearance of the building’s façade shifts with the changing daylight.The upper portion of the building is covered with verticals “fins” whose various reflections and shadows alter the building’s appearance just as waves alter the face of the ocean. The fins also moderate the heaviness of the building mass.

The lower portion of the building consists of a sequence of stone walls and rectangular windows. The stone walls establish a link with the historical museum located next door, while the shell of windows creates open spaces for commercial use on the periphery of the building. The upper and lower parts of the structure share the same architectural language of rising vertical motion combined with the beige color also seen in the adjacent museum’s stone walls, ensuring the unity of the building.

In our design of the building envelope, we intended to provide both a variable façade that changes with environmental conditions, and a stately appearance that reflects the regional and historical characteristics of Kobe city.

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