PUMA brand store

both the exterior and the interior architecture of the space have been pumarized and speak a homogenous language that unifies the company’s philosophy, an intelligent yet simple retail design, and the joyful and witty spirit of the sport-lifestyle brand. plajer & franz studio has developed a retail concept that is simple and flexible while integrating local references and offering puma’s clients a joyful shopping experience. thereby, the new brandstore is more than just a shopping place. it is a social and cultural meeting point. a space for events and happenings of various kinds. the lower two floors of the three-storey puma building have been designated for the 600 sqm shopping space, while the upper level - an open roof top, surrounded just by a light façade construction - creates an open space for performances and sport events. the façade is light, made out of meshed metal baffle allowing daylight to enter the store. at night, the interior lighting beams out, illuminating the street and giving a sneak preview of the shop’s inside during closing hours. the interior design unites the individual concepts for sportlifestyle (including motorsport), performance, and black label. it aims at strengthening the brand image, enhancing the display of puma’s collections, while celebrating footwear as the core of the brand. an impressive, cone-shaped staircase in the centre of the store with a red brand-wall in its back, is the eye-catcher making a strong brand statement. it draws attention not only to its design but above all to the footwear tribune at the base of it. the “stage” continues as a footwear catwalk stretching across the entire groundfloor, which is also home to the sport-lifestyle product line and black label. although the design of both areas is simple and functional with references to japanese architecture (e.g. origami seating elements in the sport-lifestyle area or the use of materials such as wood and concrete), both speak different visual languages and are clearly distinct from each other. with a very light and flexible design, the use of materials such as black steel, plywood panels combined with re-used gym flooring elements and the mixture of matte and high gloss surfaces, the black label area carries a visible sports heritage. the first floor is dedicated to the performance area. here, the nature of performance is visible and perceptible throughout. the design for this area is even more flexible and functional, using more technical materials such as stainless steel or perforated metal in silver grey. generally, shopping at the new premium store is above all an experience and in line with puma’s philosophy an active interaction with the brand. whether creating their own customized sneakers at the puma factory, engaging with puma’s sustainable actions summarized in the sustainability journey or enjoying the online experience via iPads, clients shall be surprised, entertained and given opportunities to identify with the brand.
Interior Designer
plajer & franz studio gbr
1-5-4, nishi-shinsaibashi, cyuo-ku
Year of completion