Bar Dreieck Park, Bar

 "Swollen counter" - The empty space that is created by a park in the busy streets surrounded by buildings in Fukuoka city. The plan for the bar, which is on the top floor of the building, next to the park, is to view the empty space in front of you. The counter inevitably faces the window on the park side.

However, with a table that is broader on one end, the distance between the window and the bartender and also the direction toward the window changes depending on where you sit. In other words, the huge bar counter means you encounter various changes of scenery, relationships with the bartender during the time you spend with your drink. The form of the pendant light has minimum thickness of body and shade so as not to disturb the view from the counter. In addition, the armchair which we also designed for this counter has a wide back rest and arm, which makes it comfortable for a long stay.

We also paid close attention to the design of the backs of the chairs as we wanted the views of the chair backs to blend with the counter when not being used by patrons. The name of the bar "DREIECK PARK" means a triangle park in German. Because of its shape, the park next to the building is commonly called "Triangle Park" by locals. The shape of the bar counter also suggests it, albeit indirectly
Interior Designer
中央区今泉 1‐15‐4 DSビル4F