■ Article about Tokyo 2020 stadium on "Japan Times"
Our campaign made the headlines of "The Japan Times," June 2, 2014 edition. Time is running out before the planned demolition of the present stadium in July. Please help spread the campaign!
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Tokyo's National Stadium closes to make way for controversial 2020 Olympic arena
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■ Edward Suzuki will appear on a radio program on J-Wave, Jam the World, June 3, 20:00-21:50. Please tune in! 

■ Vent Vert, House on the Bluff, Villa Overlooking the Sea and House of Maple Leaves were added to the project page.

■ JR Saitama Shintoshin Station was featured in "Stations" published by Braun Publishing (Switzerland).

■ “House of Maple Leaves” was awarded "Green Good Design Award 2012," Chicago Athenaeum Architecture and Design Museum.

■ Edward Suzuki was selected as a finalist in the TED World Wide Talent Search: "The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered." His presentation may be viewed here.
Edward Suzuki
Edward Suzuki
Toshiharu Nanba

December 1977
Registration Number
Architectural Office 17301


Architectural, urban,
interior design